How Romat Group Helps Individuals and Organizations to Execute Charity Projects

In a news made public through the social media handles of Romat Group, it was revealed that the company has offered a service to help or assist individuals and organizations to fulfill goal of making positive impacts in the society.

Romat Group has subsidiary companies that offer products and services in different sectors of Nigeria’s economy. The specialisation of the member companies has become an enablement that individuals and corporate organizations could utilize to achieve their charity/gift impacts projects.

Romat Transport Ltd which is a member of Romat Group will enable the logistics and supply of the procured gift items to the point of final distribution.

Romat Agrotech Ltd focuses on food, beverages and all agricultural products including raw materials. Most of the items found in charity or gift project works involves food items and beverages. The existence of this company will enable individuals and organizations facing distance and time factor problem as an impediment on why they haven’t executed projects that touches lives to see that they can now be assisted without facing direct involvement in visiting markets to make the purchase.

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Individuals and Organization that wishes to carry out energy projects for their community, schools and others can now utilise the specialization of Romat Energies Limited to execute the energy projects that impacts their identified target people.

Amateb Global Investment Limited is a general merchandise company and a member of Romat Group too. The named subsidiaries shows that Romat Group will enable individuals and organizations to save cost and time as all information will be provided by Romat Group.

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Romat Group also has an existing media platform that will enable the charity or gift projects of individuals and organizations to find publicity or media positions on the internet space.

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