Privacy Policy

Silvercloud Media Limited the owner of takes your privacy very serious as your privacy is treated as a top priority. We have placed on ground necessary modalities in line with compliant policy to serve you with better experience and give you the ultimate control over the information you grant us the permission to collect. It is important to note that our privacy policy can change or be updated when necessary so you are required to visit this page so you can understand the changes when such occurs and your right as well.

Contents of this policy

It informs you:

  • The type of information we may collect about you.
    • What we do with the information.
    • When we may use your details to keep in touch with you.
    • The possible information collected which we might share to others
    • The top in the list is your control over personal details you grant us the permission to collect or you give to us.

    What this policy cover

    This policy covers the products and services that are offered by Silvercloud Media Limited.

    What this policy did not cover

    It is not everything that we have control over and certain things will not be covered in this policy. There may be possible links from other companies and it is important to note that those companies or individuals have their own personal policy, terms and conditions. If you leave our website and visit theirs, we have no control over what they share. What it means is that if you leave for another link you possibly visit, you will possibly be subjected to their own privacy or terms of use.

    How is your personal information protected?

    We value our stakeholders or users which is you. We placed modalities in place during our design stage to ensure the safety of your details or information you give to us. We are not resting on our laurels as we continue to seek better options available for best protection of your privacy.

    It is also important to admit that we are not perfect or can guarantee the complete security of your privacy as system failure or changes may try affect things as you know we did not create where we are hosting our sites. If at any time you suspect anything unusual such as external access to your secret details, you can contact us for best advice on how it can be resolved or you change your details. Also put modalities on ground too for your own protection and be careful as well even when we play our own part in line with giving you the best of service or product experience.

    Where your information is stored

    We are located in Nigeria and using Nigeria hosting plan which constitute our operation too while we are still open for external partnership in areas we are aware about. Security is very important and we also try to verify sources of possible partnership we enter into in line with protection of data we gather. The information you provide may be transferred, stored and processed in Nigeria and other countries.

    We don’t just gather information without informing you what we need and why it is needed.

    Information you provide to us

    We may request for your name, contact details, date of birth and other information that you have right to refuse letting out depending on what you want from our service and what you are signing  for.

    Information on device

    Your mobile

    Your tablet

    Your Computer

    Your Tv

    Note that technical information can be collected when you visit our site even if you are not subscribed to our website Information to be collected may include:

    • IP address
    • Device Id
    • App id

    Information on your activities outside

    An example could be when you mention Silvercloud Media Limited in social media like X, facebook etc

    Subscribing to Silvercloud Media Limited (

    When you register in, we may request further for personal details like your email, age to certify if you are eligible and other criteria you may find offensive or happy about. We may also collect data on type of articles you read or certain type of things you like in line with giving you better experience.

    Duration we hold your information

    Note again that when you give us information which may be personal to you, we will notify you how long the information will last with us. If it is a program, it may terminate at the end of such program or not depending. We also take into consideration of how sensible the information could be because your security is also important. We try to ensure that we don’t retain information that is not important to us. If you stop using our product or services and we certify that your information is not helpful in serving you better, it may be deleted or archived in dormant section depending on provision at that time.

    How Silvercloud Media Limited ( use your information

    We don’t just collect or request for your personal information without stating the reasons or the need for such information. Usually we may seek your permission like when you willingly request to be a subscriber in our products or services. Other time we may just think you need a particular service or product and we may not request for your permission before appearing with it. You still have the final say of declining even when our assumption is wrong in your sight. When the law says it’s good and when it is not also a violation of your right.

    We use the information you provided to us to market our products and services if need be.

    We also use it to bring to you information like news detail to contribute for entertainment, knowledge and research purposes.

    When you want to comment on an article or news, we may request for you to provide valid information like personal details ranging from email just to ensure you are a human being that is interacting using such information because when you speak, the whole world listens and you never know who may be reading your comment.

    Deleting your information

    If at any time you no longer want our services or products especially when we collected your personal information needed for email messages and the rest, you have option of deleting your account if you created one or you request for it to be deleted. We may guide you on better ways to go about it for best service experience.

    For inquiry, complains, send us email via

    Last Updated: 1st October, 2023.