How Wamac Enterprise Introduced Disruptive Innovation in Auto Spare Parts

In the transportation sector, commercial vehicle owners are usually afraid of car breakdowns which may hamper them from delivering their transport services seamlessly while passengers also frown at unnecessary delays in arriving at their destination due to issues of vehicle break down on the road.

Individuals who also have their private or personal cars frown at unnecessary car issues that make them arrive late to an event, meetings and certain errands.

Uchenna Emmanuel Ugwu discovered that most of the disappointment car owners and commercial drivers encounter comes from the usage of the wrong vehicle spare parts, he also saw gaps in guidance in the area of offering consultation services for proper understanding of the right car spare parts for the right car.

He founded Wamac Enterprise to solve identified problems in automobile industry using disruptive innovation to offer quality spare parts of mini bus brands like Honda, Suzuki, Hijet, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu and others.

In most cities where mini buses are allowed, people prefer minibuses due to the fastness in getting all the seats taken for intra-city movement. In the wave of excitement of passengers and people who use minibuses for private business logistics, Wamac stepped in to enable the drivers and minibus owners to have access to quality spare parts for vehicle maintenance, replacement of faulty vehicle parts in line with controlling the disappointment caused by using wrong spare parts.

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Wamac Enterprise team prioritize offering value for their customers and goes all out to offer professional advice in ways that customers trust them and believe firmly in their motto of “Enjoy the difference”

Wamac Enterprise founder Uchenna Emmanuel Ugwu disclosed that his passion for the automobile industry has made him see customers as a family who need to enjoy seamless transportation which can only be made possible by replacing faulty car parts with quality spare parts without any compromise. Speaking further he said that his team keep in touch with customers before purchase during purchase and after sales to ensure their availability to fix customers’ automobile issues.

According to Uchenna, Wamac Enterprise gives customers a guarantee because customer satisfaction comes first. Trust is rare and the bold guarantee offer makes Wamac gain a competitive advantage, especially in the ways their team teaches customers necessary things to understand the different spare parts types needed for a particular vehicle.

The founder said that Wamac Enterprise is located at Mgbuka Obosi Market, Onitsha Anambra State. When asked if their customers or client base is limited to South East, he said they are delivering vehicle spare parts to all parts of Nigeria and Outside Nigeria.

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People who intend to buy vehicles usually consult Wamac Enterprise for professional advice on the right vehicles to buy which have availability of spare parts in the market because vehicle maintenance is inevitable like a health check-up for human beings. If one buys a particular vehicle brand with rare spare parts in the market, the vehicle owner would spend more in replacing the faulty spare parts and Wamac saves money for people by offering them uncommon consultation services that enable them to look into buying vehicles that have available tokunbo spare parts in the market.

Uchenna Emmanuel Ugwu said his vision for Wamac Enterprise is steady growth that will enable him to build a manufacturing firm with a full focus on automobiles.

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