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Doyin Okupe is a notable Nigerian politician who has been in limelight but his unassuming support in “Obidient movement” tagged a total support to Labour Party Presidential Candidate Mr. Peter Obi during 2023 general election in Nigeria gained him wider popularity especially among the youths who have never heard about him before.

Full name

He is popularly known as Doyin Okupe which is a removal of prefix in the first syllable of his name. His full name is Adedoyin Ajibike Okupe.

State of Origin

Ogun State, Nigeria


He is a trained physician, practiced his profession as a medical doctor before joining politics fully to participate actively in political activities of Nigeria. In line with that, he is a physician and politician.


Doyin’s father is Chief Matthew Adekoya Okupe


He is married to his sweetheart Aduralere Okupe and has remained married to her alone.

Early life

He was born on 22nd March 1952 to the family of Chief Matthew Adekoya Okupe. He was born in Iperu, Ogun State Nigeria.  He is among Nigerians that enjoys been born in their state of origin. His childhood was never a lonely type ascribed to only son or daughters. He has brothers and sisters whom he grew up with and it made up his childhood memory. His father was a banker and he saw him going out every day to take care of the family. It inculcated the spirit of devotion and hardworking into him even as a child. His parental upbringing motivated him to dare to be different and wear the badge of honour or excellence.


His parent knows the vital importance of education and Doyin was lucky for such privilege which shaped him into becoming brighter, intelligent and smart. He started school early enough as he verifiably attended St. Jude’s school located in Ebute Metta Lagos State. In pursuit of education, he attended a college in Yaba called “Igbobi College Yaba Lagos”.

His education did not end in primary school and secondary school also known as High School as he journeyed further into the University for his Degree Program. After his high school, he proceeded to the premier university in Nigeria in line with taking the necessary steps to qualify as a medical doctor.

He attended University of Ibadan located in the capital city of Oyo State. His education earned him the aspect of managing human life and treating people nicely. His qualification as a medical doctor is the reason why he is sometimes referred to as Dr. Doyin Okupe. The doctor title before his name in some context is not related to honourary or academic doctorate. He earned it by virtue of his profession as a medical doctor.

Brothers and sisters

Doyin has about four brothers namely Kunle Okupe, Owo Okupe, Larry Okupe and Wemi Okupe. His parents were blessed with the fruit of male and female children all together and in that regard, he equally has sisters. He has two sisters namely Bisola Ayeni and Aina Okanlawon.

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He started his life career by embracing his profession as a medical doctor for many years before he joined politics. Doyin believes in gaining work experience as leverage and he did not go into private practice immediately he gained his medical practice license. His working career started in the flourishing city of Lagos State where he gained employment in certain government owned and private owned hospitals in Lagos State. He worked for some years sharpening his skills and knowledge of medical profession not limited to the business aspect of it. His ability to learn the ropes of the profession motivated him and his friends to launch their own hospital.

Establishment of Royal Cross Hospital

One tends to act better when in control of certain things and for Doyin and his colleagues, a time came for them to do things differently to improve sustaining life of people in the society. He led his two colleagues to launch Royal Cross Hospital located in Obalende, Lagos State.

After the establishment of the hospital, he took up the leadership in the new hospital where he served as the Managing Director in charge of managing the affairs of the hospital, monitoring day to day operation activities and ensuring that things moved according to the plans of the hospital establishment and shunning unethical practices. He worked closely with his colleagues and they worked even during odd hours just to save lives.


He has two children who are also popular in the society and doing massively well for themselves. They are his only sons and children. In matters of politics, his sons are not apathy, they take stand and support their preferred political candidates in certain elective positions especially politicians whose ideologies aligns with theirs as well. His lovely children’s names are Bolu Okupe and Ditan Okupe.

Political journey/Career

His political journey started long ago as he indicated interest on participating actively on electioneering process in Nigeria where he lived all his life. After the return of democracy in 1979 that saw the light of the first elected Executive President of Nigeria Late Shehu Shagari and his vice president late Alex Ekwueme, he observed the process and after four years which called for another election, he decided to be part of the change he desires leading him to join the race to run for house of representative under the platform of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) in 1983 general election.

Military coup happened that year due to the alleged corrupt practices by politicians and military took over under Gen. Buhari as the Head of State. He went back to his profession and opportunity came again for him to participate in politics when Military President Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida laid out plans to return power to the civilians.

Doyin became a leader in his party National Republican Convention (NRC) as the National Publicity Secretary of the party ahead of the election held in 1993 which was annulled and interim government of Ernest Shonekan took over. When late Gen. Sani Abacha carried out a coup that ousted the interim government, Doyin was among those that were arrested and detained. His radical nature on fighting for the truth made him vocal and a powerful politician in Nigeria.

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After the return of democracy in 1999 which brought in former military head of State Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo as the duly elected civilian president, he was appointed Special Assistant to the president on media and publicity. The president then was also from his state of Origin Ogun State and such closeness to the president enabled him to prepare ahead of 2002 Governorship primary election of his then party PDP in Ogun State where he ran unsuccessfully for the office of the Governor of Ogun State.

Doyin experience in politics made him to be an asset and former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan sought for his service and appointed him Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs in 2012. Even though he is a trained medical doctor, he has experience in media as a powerful tool for information dissemination and he used it to serve in various capacities in line with helping politicians to achieve their dreams.

Labour Party vice Presidential Place holder

In the buildup of 2023 general election, he joined Labour Party where he formed alliance with former Governor of Anambra State Mr. Peter Obi, founder of Lagos Business School Prof. Pat Utomi and others to prepare ahead to take over the leadership in Nigeria. He became the Director General of Labour Party presidential candidate and once served as his interim vice presidential candidate as a place holder pending when Labour Party Presidential Candidate Mr. Peter Obi found his running mate Sen. Yusuf Datti Baba- Ahmed.  

Resignation from Labour Party Campaign Organization

While the election was gearing up, a pending case from EFCC that dragged him to court was held which indicted him of holding excess cash. He refuted it and pleaded not guilty but in order for Labour Party to remain a political party free from any form of corrupt politicians, he willingly decided to step down as the Director General of Labour Party presidential Campaign Organization so he can focus on clearing his name which mean the world for him and also not to allow his personal ordeal to be a stumbling block for his new political party ahead of the 2023 General election.  


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