Senator Ned Nwoko Sponsors Bill for Creation of Anioma State

In a trending tweet, the Senator representing Delta North Senatorial District Senator Ned Nwoko has proposed the creation of Anioma State out of Delta State.

He said that the need to create Anioma State is to balance the number of States in the South East region which is the only region that has five states only while other regions have more.

Senator Ned said that other geo-political regions have six states excluding the North West region which has seven States making it the only region that has the highest number of States while the South East only has five states that make up the region.

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He said further that the creation of additional States in the East would enable the region to have an equal number of Senators in the Senate chamber where most regions have eighteen senators excluding North West which has twenty-one senators.

In advocating for the South East region, Ned stated that the region has only fifteen Senators and cited an imbalance in the representatives.

Anioma which is in present-day Delta State is populated by Igbos or people that share cultural similarities with the Igbos of the South East region and Senator Ned said that his push for Anioma State is a general acceptance by all the stakeholders including Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo.

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He called on necessary people to support him for the successful passage of the bill leading to the creation of Anioma State.

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