UAE Refutes Lifting Visa Ban on Nigeria

United Arab Emirates (UAE) did not lift visa ban on Nigeria as circulated by the official spokesman of the Nigerian president.

In the news circulated by the President’s spokesman, he said that the UAE lifted the visa ban on Nigeria and directed airlines flying directly from Nigeria to the UAE to resume work. In the memo released by UAE Government after the visit of Nigeria President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, there was no disclosure that visa ban has been lifted after more than one year.

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Officials of UAE Government also disclosed that Nigerians are not free to enter UAE through Visa permit directly from their home country.

The dismissal of the news of the lifting Visa ban on Nigeria by UAE government has rendered the news circulated by certain officials of Nigeria government to be misleading and untrue.

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United Arab Emirates (UAE) is yet to grant visa to Nigerians freely unlike before.

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