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Aliko Dangote is a famous businessman who had held the position of being the richest man in Nigeria and Africa as a continent for many years. He took his conglomerate Dangote Group from a small company to a big company that is known all over the world. How he started, his education, parents, marriage and life views remain subject of discussion as many wish to know details about him.

Background/ Early life

Aliko was born on 10th April 1957 to a famous family in Kano State, Nigeria. He was born in Kano where he grew up seeing his father, grandfather and uncles work hard to achieve success in commerce and trade. He was born into a notable family known for commercial activities and from the beginning of his journey into adulthood he had known that business is what he wants to do in life and nothing else except business. Even as a child he mapped out ways of starting his own business where he was buying and re-selling certain children stuff to his mates. Doing business influenced his life and he spent time learning and watching adult members of his family especially his father and his mother’s family who engaged on day to day commodity trading and all commerce related activities that are certified legal/legitimate.


His father’s name is Mohammed Dangote. Many things is not known about his father but he took the last name of his father and ensured that his father’s name or family surname is written on the sand of time. His father was a business partner of his maternal great grandfather who was extremely wealthy.


Aliko started his education at the Sheikh Ali Kumasi Madrasa before going further to pursue his high school education or secondary school education at Capital High School situated in Kano, Kano State. He did not stop his education there as he was enrolled into Government College Birnin Kudu where he eventually finished his secondary school education as required before tertiary education. He left Nigeria to attend Al- Azhar University in Cairo Egypt where he studied business administration. He received his bachelor degree from Egypt, North Africa and his desire for business still contributed in the course of study he chose for himself while seeking to attend university.

Building Dangote Group

His entrance into major business deal came when he took a loan from his uncle to start commodity trading. He left Northern Nigeria and relocated to Lagos even though his home state Kano was a commercial area too. Aliko chose to do things differently and it enabled him to take the decision of leaving the North for Lagos State South West to establish business contact and take his commercial activity to another level. As a business man, he did not go into manufacturing without first establishing a market, nurtured the market, and understood commodity products before embracing manufacturing. He was making enough money while buying and trading essential commodities but he knew that he will create wealth for himself and the people when he embraces manufacturing. His company Dangote Industries Ltd contributes hugely in his industrialization agenda. He is an industrialist that knows the big role manufacturing can do for every nation. His company has produced many successful products that are useful till date. In shelter, Dangote cement has enabled people to build their homes, offices and commercial hubs. His cement is among the top ranking cement in Nigeria and Africa as a continent. The success of his cement factory establishment led to his expansion to other African countries where he has used his industrialization acumen to bring them development and wealth. In places where his factories are located, there are direct and indirect jobs which the citizens enjoy. He also pays his tax which gives the government the opportunity of revenue generation from his company and other companies in countries where he operates.

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Dangote sugar is another essential product that is doing well in his company portfolio. He has other several products like salt, pasta, fertilizer and hosts others.

He has also done transportation business through his company Dangote Transport Ltd which has enabled him to contribute in mobility and haulage services. He is a businessman that works harder for his money and success.

In 2023, the former president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari commissioned his refinery in Epe, Lagos State which is argued to be one of the biggest refineries in the world. When the refinery start working and producing refined petroleum products, analysts posit that it will help in solving energy problem of Nigeria and also reduced the pressure on dollar for importation of petroleum products.

Holiday home

Dangote don’t live a luxury life. He don’t have holiday home anywhere in the world as he channel his resources into assets or things that can make him more money instead of liabilities or what can take money from him without a monetary benefit at the end.

He doesn’t move around with too much security personnel’s as he lives a modest and free life. He sometimes drives himself without the help of his drivers.


He works hard and travels a lot for business purposes. Despite his busy schedules, he still makes out time to run some miles and carryout activities that will ensure he is in good health condition. There has never been a rumour that he collapsed or fell seriously ill due to work breakdown. He mastered time management and uses it accurately for his own benefits.

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Aliko has been married twice but all the marriage ended with a divorce. He lives a very private life and he never disclosed the reason why his marriages never worked in the aspect of living forever with any of his divorced wives.

In 1977, the very year he started his active role in commodity trading to build Dangote as brand, he married his first wife Zainab Dangote but the marriage ended at a time he never revealed to the public and his former wife Zainab never said anything about it too. He found love again and married his second and last wife Mariya Muhammad Rufai but the marriage too was not sustained.


He has four children in total and he loves his children very much and always seen playing his fatherly role. He brought up his children properly and they are all responsible and law abiding.

Net worth

He is the richest man in Africa and his wealth is estimated to be above $17 billion which places him as the richest black man on earth. In his humble way, he never believes he has money as he goes about looking for more money. Despite attaining the status of the wealthiest man in Africa, he still works hard and seeking for bigger goals.


He is the founder of Aliko Dangote Foundation which is a not for profit organization that he established to enable him give back to the society by embarking on humanitarian services.

He also support leadership which he view as an act of support to leaders who have aspiration of serving in political positions especially in the executive arm of the government.

Social Media

Aliko is not very active on social media even though he has verified social media accounts. He rarely makes personal post unlike his other billionaire friends that are more active than him.

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