Afamefuna Movie Trends, Exposes Igbo’s Apprenticeship System

A Nollywood movie titled Afamefuna has gained a major movie trends in Nigeria and fans of Nollywood movies all over the world. The trending movie depicts the form of business philosophy practiced by the Igbos which is a tribe in present day south-east Nigeria and some parts in South south regions such as the Igbo clans found in Delta State and Rivers State.

The movie which featured Kanayo O Kanayo, Stan Nze, Segun Arinze, Alex Ekubo and others told the story of Igbo apprenticeship system known as “Igba boi”

According to Kanayo O Kanayo who acted as Chief Odogwu in the movie, he noted that after the civil war, Igbo’s carved out the spirit of brotherhood where a master takes boys that serve in trading business after which the boys are settled to start their own business and takes up others (males) that will serve them for trade settlement after agreed years or satisfaction of the master.

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The movie exposed the importance of honesty, sincerity, hard work, and avoidance of evil acts such as cutting corners for wealth acquisition.

Paul or Paulo who is a character in the movie depicted who tried to cut corners in money making by accepting the mouthwatering offers of Danladi brothers who engage in bad business practices while Afamefuna in the movie served his master with all honesty and followed the footsteps of his master.

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Paul died early and was in a financial mess while Afam grew very wealthy taking many boys that served him as “umu boi”

Afam also married Odogwu’s daughter who was dating Paulo leading to blackmail and money extortion from the latter until the former decided to confront his fears.

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