Federal Government of Nigeria Concludes Plan to Increase Electricity Tariff

Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) established under the Act 2023, is a body saddled with the responsibility of regulating electricity generation and distribution in Nigeria.

In trending news, an announcement was made to the public about the conclusions of the federal government of Nigeria to review the electrify tariff plan where it was revealed that Band A which enjoys light for twenty hours per day will pay more in line with adjusting the cost of power.

In a media chat with the Minister of power, he said that fifteen million Nigerians are targeted and will be affected in the new tariff plan in line with the federal government strategic plan to fix energy challenges in the country.

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Speaking further, the Minister equally noted the need to steer consumer management of power so Nigerians can get the value they pay for. He said that some Nigerians don’t manage power effectively as he went practical to say that some Nigerians will be going out but leaves their freezer, fridge, Air conditioner, light bulb etc switched on thereby wasting power as those that have travelled outside Nigeria don’t practice such while in other countries.

Nigerians in reacting to the news said that the statements are not enough reason to increase the electricity tariff plan even when it was alleged that only fifteen million out of the two hundred and twenty million of the population will be targeted as those in Band A that have about twenty hours electricity supply each day.

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In other news, the organized Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) led by Comrade Ajaero has threatened to embark on nationwide protest if the federal government move on with the concluded plan to increase the electricity tariff plan.

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