What You Should Know About Enugu State

If you have not been to Enugu State before and intend to visit the State, there are many facts or things you should know ahead of your visit. If you are living in Enugu currently, this post will also expose you to certain things you don’t know before.

  1. Enugu was the capital of the old Eastern Region which constituted all the five States in the South East, and some parts of the South-South in present-day Nigeria.
  2. When the regional government was dismantled and state creation started, Enugu was formerly under Old Anambra.
  3. Enugu State was officially created on 27th August 1991 during the military leadership of General Ibrahim Babangida
  4. Enugu State has three senatorial Districts namely Enugu North Senatorial District, Enugu East and Enugu West Senatorial District.
  5. At the Green Chamber of the National Assembly, Enugu has a total of eight federal constituencies.
  6. Enugu State is among the states that have not recorded the court sack of a Governor since 1999 which has produced successive Governors from the People Democratic Party viz Chimaroke Nnamani (1999- 2007), Sullivan Chime ( 2007-2015), Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi (2015-2023)
  7. Enugu State’s capital city is Enugu with 042 as the code. People call the city 042 or Coal City too.
  8. Enugu State houses the first University in Nigeria called the University of Nigeria Nsukka which is located in Nsukka Local Government Area, Enugu North Senatorial District with a second campus in the capital city for faculties like Law, Medicine, Management etc
  9. Nigeria Law School in South East is located in Enugu State
  10. Enugu is also divided into seventeen (17) Local Government Areas and you should always check the LGA where you are visiting falls. It exposes you to rich cultural values and heritage to expect there.
  11. Enugu State is sitting on enormous natural resources such as coal, Gas, crude oil etc.
  12. Enugu is a peaceful State and home of hospitality.
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