Why Enugu State Can Print Money for You

Enugu State is one of the five States that make up the South East Geopolitical region in Nigeria. Enugu is also popular in the 90s as the Capital of the old Eastern region during the introduction of the Richard Constitution in 1946 and till the end of a regional system of government in Nigeria due to the creation of States.

Despite that, Enugu is still arguably considered the capital of the South East as most wealthy Igbos lives or have a residence in Enugu State due to the peaceful and hospitable nature of the State.

Business minded and entrepreneurs with innovation that target the youths will make more money in Enugu because Enugu houses too many tertiary institutions such as the University of Nigeria Nsukka, the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus, Enugu State University of Science and Technology(ESUT), Institute of Management and Technology( IMT), Enugu State Polytechnic Iwollo, Enugu State College of Education, Caritas University, Godfrey Okoye University, Osisatech Poly, State University of Medical and Applied Sciences( SUMAS), Enugu State Dental and Technology, Maduka University and many others.

Innovation that targets the young population and the old can take advantage of the population for value creation leading to profits.

Creativity and innovation will avail entrepreneurs or business minded to gain access to the skill base opportunity, harness it and produce products or services that will satisfy the market and be exported elsewhere.

Silvercloud Media has educated you now for eye-opening about the potential of Enugu State. Endeavour to commit to Research and Development in your niche market for clarity and quality decision-making.

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