Aisha Yesufu Recovers Her Youtube Channel

Aisha Yesufu is known for her activism during the ends Sars movement in 2020 which brought disbandment of SARS and addressed certain police brutality perpetuated by officers carrying out activities that do not promote the good image of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF).

During the build up of 2023 General Election, Aisha supported the former Governor of Anambra State and Labour Party Presidential candidate for presidential election held on 25th February 2023. She is not a member of Labour Party but believe so much on the personality of Mr Peter Obi and it prompted her to root full support for him.

She used her social media accounts to show her steady support during and after the election. Her YouTube channel was attacked and it led to the sudden disappearance of her YouTube channel which she uses to update Nigerians and foreigners about the happenings in public and political spaces of Nigeria. European Union cited her YouTube channel in their report and it became laudable and further exposure of the contents she shares in her channels especially on matters pertaining 2023 General election in Nigeria and post election respectively.

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Labour Party Presidential candidate Mr Peter Obi also said that it is heartening to hear that her YouTube Channel has been restored.

It’s a good news for the activist. She also called on people to subscribe which a Twitter user now X account user trolled her that it would be only her and her family that will will subscribe. Another person countered the claim and said that he subscribed to her channel even though he is not a fan of Aisha. For him, he stands for the truth and he tentatively said Aisha stands for the truth and that is why he subscribed.

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