Popular African Youtuber Wode Maya Returns to Youtube After Quitting, Gives Reasons

A popular Ghanaian content creator Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon known as Wode Maya has announced returning back to YouTube after he read heart-warming messages from his fans and inspired his dream to do more in line with Marcus Garvey’s principles of life.

34 years old Wode Maya has travelled to many countries in the world where he has interviewed entrepreneurs, business moguls /tycoons and public office holders who have demonstrated uncommon prowess in wealth creation or problem-solving in society.

He built his YouTube channel from zero to one million fifty-five thousand subscribers making him one of the biggest content creators in Africa who makes videos detailing discoveries, the rise of many entrepreneurs and what they are doing which deserves to be applauded or a source of inspiration for young Africans.

Travelling from one country to another in Africa and beyond has not been easy for Wode Maya unlike when he was single and had little things that demanded his focus. He considered quitting YouTube to focus on his family even though he told his wife earlier about the demands of his chosen profession but little did he know that marriage is not easy and attention would be needed to build his home.

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He considered quitting YouTube to focus on his real estate business in Ghana to build wealth without having divided attention brought by his numerous travellings from one country to another which in some cases lasts for days.

In a shared YouTube video, he announced that he is back to the platform for good and people should expect videos regularly except on Monday and Thursday. Wode Maya said he has secured an office space in Ghana where editing of quality videos would take place to bring content to the people.

He said that a lot of people said he looks like Marcus Garvey and he is interested in living a fulfilled life just like the good works of Garvey in his own ways.

Wode said he visited the Caribbean with his team and whenever he travels he goes with his team which means lots of expenses were felt in his bank account. In a shared video he met the prime minister of Barbados.

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The return of the young YouTuber gave joy to his subscribers and those that enjoys his video content creation. He desire to build a stronger community where he can connect Africans together especially celebrating Africans before finally taking a bow to quit Youtube.

Wode noted he will be seen in Africa and the Caribbean which will be rotational, he invited people to join him in the journey as he wouldn’t wish to embark on the journey alone.

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