Tunde Omotoye Says Many Nigerians Are Seeking Asylum in Canada, Warn Against Fake Promises from Agents

X account user identified as Tunde Omotoye tweeted that many Nigerians in Canada who arrived in the country with visitor visas are seeking Asylum or looking for LMIA jobs.

Tunde said that most of them were promised that it would be easy to convert their visitors visa permit into a work permit upon arrival in Canada. Speaking further, he said it is very difficult to convert visitor visas into work permit visas as promised by untruthful immigration agents back in their home countries.

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Following Statista’s revelation in 2022, one thousand eight hundred and thirty (1, 830) Nigerians applied for Asylum in Canada making Nigerians to be among the ranking asylum seekers in the country.

Tunde blamed unlicensed immigration agents for selling fake promises to their Nigerian victims who got trapped with the bogus promise of easy-to-switch visitor visas to work permits.

Nigerians travelling to Canada are advised that switching a visitor visa to a work permit is not easy and Tunde said it is the hardest thing for the moment.

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