Kasuwar Kano Builds Centralized Online Marketplace to Simplify Shopping in Northern Nigeria

Kano is the capital of Kano State and popularly known for the glaring position the city occupies in commerce, trade and industry. The City over the years has served as the trading capital city for most states in the Northern part of Nigeria. People from the Southern region also visit Kano to buy or sell commodities.

The advent of technology has birthed E-Commerce which enables people to buy needed products online while staying in the comfort of their homes or offices. It has also enabled people to sell products online to buyers without necessarily owning a physical shop.

The large population in Kano and the influx of people coming to buy or sell products motivated Fahad Muhammad Adamu and Shehu Hamza Adam to start thinking outside the box to create an online market platform that would disrupt the existing norm of shopping through physical means restriction.

Fahad Muhammad Adamu and Shehu Hamza Adam after watching what their people go through in traditional means of buying and selling products came up with a business idea and launched Kasuwar Kano to be the centralized online marketplace for buyers and sellers in Kano and Northern Nigeria at large. The founders were aware of other big E-commerce companies in the world but decided to launch a unique online marketplace in line with the culture and tradition of their people. They live in Kano and have researched doing things better to prepare their people for the world acceptance of technology through connecting buyers and sellers in a platform unique to Northern Nigeria.

Kasuwar Kano was created by two young entrepreneurs to address the difficulty that buyers encounter in physical shopping which sometimes they end up not getting the right product or services. There are many sellers in the market that lack customers or are unable to reach their target audience for fast selling of products and services. Kasuwar Kano is solving the existing problem by connecting buyers and sellers to the Kano market through the company’s online marketplace or online shopping platform with verified vendors.

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Kasuwar Kano has a motto of trust and credibility which the continuous efforts of the founders in building a reputation around trust and credibility make Kasuwar outstanding. In the world, people are scared of online shopping but the entrance of Kasuwar Kano is changing the narrative in Kano as the company’s online marketplace assures users trust and credibility.

Kano is located in the North where the Hausa language is the dominant language and Kasuwar Kano being a disruptor is bridging the communication gap by enabling language translation for effective communication for buyers and sellers. The educated and non-educated people that fall either in the category of buyer or seller conduct their transactions without a language barrier which is a game changer brought by Kasuwar Kano.

The launching of the company’s online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers is addressing market overcrowding. People who live in Kano or outside Kano State can easily visit the online shopping platform to buy or sell their products and services without undergoing the stress of physical presence before the transaction can occur. It saves time for people who can easily stay in the comfort of their homes or anywhere to sell their products while buyers also purchase without passing through the stress of physical shopping in the overcrowded traditional market.

Aside from products that can be carried from one place to another, Kasuwar did not leave Real Estate behind as people can list their properties in the online marketplace for interested buyers living in any part of the world to make the purchase. Many years ago something like that never existed until Kasuwar Kano was launched and made life easy for people.

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Kasuwar Kano has verified vendors in the online shopping platform to ensure customer satisfaction. The team also handles customers complains promptly by giving a toll-free call.

Kasuwar Kano engages customers in their native language which is Hausa to bridge the communication gap for vendors or buyers that speak only the dominant native language. Arabic, English and other languages are utilized in their customer service to ensure satisfaction for users of their online shopping platform.

Kasuwar Kano is a Nigerian-based e-commerce company with a niche focus in Kano State which is known as the Centre of Commerce. The niche focus of the company is an added advantage in ways the online shopping platform is globalizing the buying and selling of products or services in Kano State.

Fahad Muhammad Adamu and Shehu Hamza Adam have passed through a series of business incubation programs and are certified by NITDA and NCS who have contributed to positioning the founders to build Kasuwar Kano as the biggest Online marketplace in Kano State.

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