Only One Thing Makes Business Fail – Kalu Aja

Failure in business has been attributed to many factors and reasons but Kalu Aja saw failure in business from a different point of view.

In the world, there is news of many companies that closed down their business operation permanently despite their big fundraising backed by investors from the government, angel investors and Venture Capital funds.

Even businesses started with lifetime savings of people especially those bootstrapping their businesses hundred per cent have also witnessed failure in business in one way or the other.

Kalu Aja in a tweet through his verified X social media account page has said that there is only one thing that leads to business failure.

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Many people attributes failure in business to being from no sales in the business products and services but Kalu said otherwise. He said that business do not fail due to no sales, no customer, poor employees, bad reputation and poor brands.

Kalu said that business fail when they run out of cash.

He listed cash as the chief reason why businesses fail and noted that Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) should watch cash flow in their business like a hawk.

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Kalu settled with cash as a reason that could lead to business failure. His position is almost in line with a financial axiom that said cash is king.

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