Landlord Realty Service Limited Redefines Real Estate, Moves to Create More Landlords

Real Estate is a sector that has lasted many years tracing back to the history of man and the usage of land for economic and shelter purposes. It is a notable sector that emphasizes building generational wealth through real estate investment.

The sector is very broad, and many players operate in various niches or make a combination of niches to achieve economic and wealth creation purposes.

Maximilian Chizoba Ugwu carried out intensive research on the real estate market while building a business from the industry which led him and his team to launch Landlord Realty Service Limited. It is the dream of most men and women to become a landlord, but many are scared on how to make their dream to come into reality but the coming of Landlord Realty Service Limited became a game changer and the answered prayer to those interested in owning a piece of the earth in ways that their dream of becoming a landlord could be actualized.

Every landowner is a landlord, and the name derivation of the company shows the definiteness or clarity of purposes to make many people a landlord. It portrays the uniqueness of the company and going by the company name it is easy to forecast or tell the goal of the company which sets it apart from competitors.

According to Maximilian Chizoba Ugwu, Landlord Realty Service Limited was founded to create a seamless, secure, and prosperous real estate investment in line with making the homeownership experience a possibility. In some cases, most landlords of today started as tenants but started the journey of becoming a landlords through buying good land in a secure environment to build their dream home for personal use or creating passive incomes from rental yields.

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Landlord Realty Service Limited has positioned many people to become landlords by offering investors the opportunity to buy plots in a developing estate from the company. Young and old people understand how time flies which means the young will become old while the old leave a legacy behind which all points to investing in assets like lands which appreciate faster or in nearby future. Most busy places or areas in the world today were once a bush but the transformation of the places has led to an increase in the wealth of those that took advantage of investing for the future by buying properties in such areas years back.

A further media chat with the founder of Landlord Realty Service Limited revealed that the company is helping clients to make secured real estate investments by making land and home ownership seamless.

The real estate company with the notable name “Landlord’’ is headquartered at 87 Upper Presidential Road Independence Layout Enugu, Enugu State and covers the entire South East region. The company is contributing to the development of the South East region and targets Nigerians living in Nigeria and the diaspora. Many Igbos living outside the South East region, Abroad based and Nigerians from other regions with an interest in investing in the Southeast are all the target markets of the company.

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On the 13th of January 2024, Landlord Realty Service Limited launched “Mangroves Residence” which is the newest developing estate from the company to achieve the dream of making many people become landlords and further increase wealth for those who understand the importance of buying land in a good location. In a viral social media post on the day of the estate launching, many people attended the events including traditional rulers, investors and notable realtors who have gone further to inform others how Mangrove Residence is positioned to be a home away from home.

In the effort to increase the number of landlords across all classes in society, the company assures investors the security of investment and goes as far as giving an indemnity guarantee for their properties.

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