First Civilian Governor of Old Abia State Chief Ogbonna Onuh Kicks the Bucket

The former Minister of Science and Technology in Nigeria Chief Ogbonna Onuh was announced dead on Thursday 11th April 2024.

He was equally the first civilian governor of old Abia State where he governed the state as the duly elected executive governor when his Senatorial district was still part of the present day Abia State.

Chief Ogbonna Onuh is from Ebonyi State South East Nigeria and his political ideology has been shaped in line with his personal willingness to serve.

Before his death on 11th April 2024, he had attempted to run for the office of the Executive President of Nigeria starting from 1999 which had been unsuccessful.

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During the formation of All Progressive Congress (APC), his party defunct ANPP was among the opposition parties that came together as a coalition to form APC ahead of the 2015 General election where the party removed the People’s Democratic Party ( PDP) as the ruling party at the federal level in most states in Nigeria, especially in the North and South West.

Many notable leaders in Nigeria such as the Executive Governor of Abia State His Excellency Alex Otti, Former Governor of Anambra State Mr Peter Obi and others have expressed their deepest condolences to the immediate family of the late Chief Ogbonna Onuh while extolling him for his life in public service.

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