Enugu State Commissioner of Transport Obi Ozor and his Team Ushers Uncommon Reforms in the Ministry of Transport

The reforms going on at the Enugu State Ministry of Transport are a further testament to the wealth of experience that the new Commissioner of Transport, Dr. Obi Ozor, has built over the years, which is enabling him to lead a credible team that is fast bringing digitalization into the Transport sector of Enugu State. As a man who has built a laudable legacy in the Transport business before his appointment as the Honourable Commissioner of Transport in Enugu State, he came in as someone who has worn the shoes and knows where it pinches. He assembled his team at the Ministry of Transport to reform the transport sector of the State in ways that technology is being deployed to bring the much-needed innovative disruption.

He first started by training the staff in all the departments in the Ministry of Transport, including ESTMA Staff, to understand the modern ways of approaching work activities in a contemporary world where technology has become a blessing and not a curse as a tool to make life and processes more manageable and smoother.

The Commissioner and his team have introduced a digital system to gather the database of all road transport union task force members. This has become a way of curbing the activities of those pretending to be government agents to carry out illegal activities, leading to extortions of citizens and visitors.

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His digital innovations brought the biometric registration of task forces and team members trained on the digital reforms currently ongoing in the Ministry of Transport.

Furthermore, he created a special intelligence team monitoring the illegal task forces to checkmate the activities of illegal revenue-collection agents, thereby sending a strong signal that the new government led by the Executive Governor, Dr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah will not condole any illegal activities that affect the lives of ndi Enugu, visitors and investors. His uncommon reformation in bringing digital automation became a sanitization tool that has enabled the smooth operation of transport activities in the State.

The Honourable Commissioner of Transport recently coordinated an operation that relied on the digital reforms he has introduced and uncovered illegal task force personnel collecting money from tricycle riders, better known as Keke riders. It was further discovered that the fake agents were using Identification cards not issued by the government and its agencies as a coy to deceive their victims.

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In the digital reform he is ushering in, violation tag stickers will be placed on vehicles duly recorded with limited days to visit the Ministry of Transport to answer for the offence committed as the deployment of Chief Administrator’s Digital Diary (CADD) and other digital tools makes it clear to offenders that the reforms have come to stay. Offenders or those that violate transport laws are also notified by E-mail and SMS to promptly respond to the full offence they committed or violated.

In Enugu State, violating traffic rules will no longer be business as usual because the digital reforms can pick offenders even at midnight.

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