Peter Obi Speaks on His Journey to Bangladesh

The former Governor of Anambra State and Labour Party Presidential Candidate in the 2023 General election in Nigeria Mr Peter Obi has recently disclosed that he travelled to Bangladesh to participate in an investment forum that was powered and organized by Bangladesh Government alongside other partners.

He was also a guest speaker in the forum and he spoke on “SME Formalization and Internationalization in the Commonwealth: Empowering Growth and Global Reach “.

In the forum, he did a brief flashback on when he visited Bangladesh in 2009 and how the country has been able to grow its economy by reducing unemployment, increasing Gross Domestic Product(GDP) and developing human capital. The positive results as evident in Bangladesh’s current economy after the last fourteen years he visited became a reference point for Mr Peter Obi on what a poor country can achieve with good leadership.

According to Obi in his official statement signed with PO, he said:

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” I travelled to Bangladesh last week to participate in the Investment Forum organized by the Bangladesh Government and Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council.

As a Guest Speaker at one of the events, I spoke on “SME Formalisation and Internationalisation in the Commonwealth: Empowering Growth and Global Reach.” I visited Bangladesh in mid-2009, about 6 months after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina assumed office.

At that time, the country’s Human Development Index was within the low category. Her GDP was $102 billion, with a GDP per capita of $688. Unemployment was around 10-12%. You could see and feel the poverty and poor infrastructure.

When I returned last week, about 14 years after, their Human Development Index (HDI) was now on the high side of the Medium category and will soon be in the High category. Their GDP is $460 billion with a GDP per capita of $2700. The unemployment rate is now below 5%.

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Poverty has been greatly reduced and infrastructure greatly improved from what it was in 2009. They have a steady growth average of over 6% within the said period. Though still grappling with some challenges, the Leadership is determined and focused on a productive and progressive Bangladesh with clear and measurable goals for growth. After the visit and interacting with Leaders, I remain convinced that with the right Leadership, a new Nigeria that will be productive, and progressive, devoid of tribalism, religious sentiments, and criminality, but will benefit all is POssible “.

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