North Tops As StatiSense Releases Number of Out-of-School Children per Region

A data tech company known as StatisSense recently did a research on the number of out of school children in Nigeria.

In the research data made available by the company through its verified X account, it was gathered that Nigeria has a total of sixteen million and two hundred thousand out-of-school children.

In breaking the 16.2 million out-of-school children per region, it was discovered that North West has the highest number of children between the age of 6- 15 years that are not enrolled in school for basic education.

A further inquiry on the statistics made available by the company, South East is the region with the least number of out-of-school children with a total of three hundred and ninety thousand out-of-school children.

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Here is the complete data compiled and credited to the company StatiSense :



North West : 8.33 million

North East: 3.72 million

North Central: 1.81 million

South West: 1.19 million

South South: 700K

South East: 390K

North: 13.9 million

South: 2.28 million

Nigeria: 16.2 million

X formerly Twitter account user identified as Ikenga Johannes @DrAnozie said ” This is an embarrassing number for SE. We must reduce this number to zero. Every child must go to school!

Another user of the X social media account identified as Chief Nwachinemelu @odogwu_ogidi also said ” The Southeast number is really embarrassing. That number should be reduced to zero within the next 6 years.

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Further comment from a user identified by name SizZzle @n6oflife6 said ” South Western Leaders have abandoned Awo’s mass Education Policy in exchange for Agberotocracy, Illiteracy and Cultism.

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