Enugu State Commissioner For Transport Addresses Complaints of Transport Operators Over the New E-Payment Service

The Enugu State Ministry of Transport, under the leadership of the Honourable Commissioner, Hon. Dr Obi Ozor recently addressed the complaints of transport operators over the E-payment service introduced in Enugu State.

The Honourable Commissioner in a press briefing on Tuesday 19th September 2023 started firstly by appreciating the feedback from motorists and members of the general public regarding the transport e-ticketing (e-payment) service.

In his further message, he assured the transport operators and general public that their concerns matter to them at the Ministry of Transport, and his team are committed to addressing them promptly to enhance the laudable transport experience in the State.

According to the Statement made public and signed by the Enugu State Commissioner for Transport, he said:

” We understand the frustrations you’ve faced, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Rest assured, we are actively working on improving the ticketing system to make it more efficient and user-friendly.

Our team is already investigating the reported issues, and we encourage you to share more details via our contact details. This will assist us in resolving your specific concerns and ensuring a smoother e-ticketing process for all travel operators”

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Dr Obi Ozor also spoke further to inform the general public about certain critical reforms that the Ministry of Transport (MOT) has introduced to address some of the issues existing before the reform, he posited that the Ministry of Transport and all its departments, including ESTMA staff, have undergone the necessary sensitization training designed to inform and educate all staff about the ongoing reforms, including the ban on revenue collection by any Ministry enforcement official.

Speaking further, the Commissioner said it is noteworthy that the Ministry has deployed various ongoing processes and activities to eliminate harassment or extortion of the citizens, as alleged, such as the introduction of the digitized database and electronic human resource tracking system of the ESTMA staff and the road transportation task forces. We have created special intelligence monitoring of illegal task forces and illegal revenue collection agents. Your feedback is invaluable in our ongoing efforts to enhance our services. We are dedicated to providing Ndi Enugu with a seamless and hassle-free travel experience, and your input is vital in achieving this goal.

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He appreciated the transport operators for bringing the matter to the attention of his team and also reiterated the open door policy in the Ministry as he encouraged all concerned to always use the verified contact details to reach out to the ministry for feedback and any complaints.

Contact: 07040244023 | 08073888511 |

In his last remarks and citation of key reforms as seen in the digital reforms carried out in the ministry, he equally saw the transport operators as partners in progress as he assured them that he looked forward to working together to make the necessary improvements with their satisfaction as a top priority.

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