Nollywood Actor Jimmy Odukoya Succeed His Father as Senior Pastor of Fountain of Life Church

Nollywood actor Jimmy Odukoya was recently announced the most senior pastor of the Fountain of Life Church following the succession planning process initiated by the late father perhaps before his death.

In the church, his father led as the senior pastor, and he will be taking over from his late father as the church leader.

He has his own profession as an entertainer or actor in Nollywood and now he will be fully taking over from the father to manage their Church Fountain of Life Church.

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Nigerians in reaction to the news embraced it with mixed reactions. It is not clear if he will forever quit his acting job and fully focus on pastoring the church. Only time shall tell the vocation he will fully focus on or whether he will embrace the two as his acting role is a job or profession he had practised before the call to become the senior pastor of the Fountain of Life Church.

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