Top 3 LGA Areas with the Biggest Markets in Enugu State

Enugu State is a blessed State in South East Nigeria with numerous commercial activities ongoing due to the peaceful nature of the state.

Many people from other States in the southeast and beyond have homes in Enugu because of the environmentally friendly nature of the state known for education and commercial affluence.

Enugu State has seventeen Local Government Areas which make up the entire three senatorial districts and eight federal constituencies in the State.

All the LGA in Enugu are known for commercial activities in the areas of production, buying – and selling of goods, and human capital development but there are the top three LGA that have big market dominance due to the location.

The number one LGA in commercial activities in Enugu State is Enugu North Local Government Area. This LGA is in a strategic location and houses the capital city of Enugu State. This leading LGA in the aspect of commercial activities has many markets located in different areas to serve the needs of the willing buyers and sellers of goods or services. Ogbete market which is the largest market in the entire Enugu State is located in this LGA and most commercial banks have their South East regional bases in this LGA due to the booming market development found in Enugu North. Aside from Ogbete market, there is another big market in Enugu North LGA called New Market Enugu. This market is close to the Enugu State Secretariat, Civil Defence Headquarters, and other government agencies in the State. The market is very big and has up to three zones in the market division classified as Zone A- Zone C. Many notable schools are located in this LGA students studying in other nearby LGAs live in Enugu North which helps to boost the market demand of this LG. Those that can’t go to Ogbete Market to buy goods, go to Afia 9 market, Polo known by many as Shoprite, Spar, and others. The contribution of this LGA makes it the number one ranking LGA in Enugu with the biggest market. The senatorial District location of this Local Government is Enugu East Senatorial District.

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The second after Enugu North is  Nsukka Local Government Area (LGA). The only University with the name Nigeria has its biggest campus in this LGA and the location of the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) in this LGA has contributed hugely to the commercial activities going on in Nsukka. People who don’t know Enugu North Senatorial District very well mistake Nsukka to be the Senatorial district name of all the six LGAs in Enugu North. The popular Ogige Market is located in Nsukka Local Government and the market serves thousands of students studying in various departments located in the Nsukka Campus of the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), indigenes, visitors, and neigbouring Local Government areas with the production capacity of Agriculture products but rely on the big markets in Nsukka for product sells. Aside Ogige market, there is another market called Ikpa market which is also in this LGA and notable for big roles in selling and buying agricultural products.

The third largest LGA with a big market is Udenu  Local Government Area which has the top two markets as Afor market in Obollo-Afor and Orie Orba market. People from neigbrouring LGA like Igbo Eze North LGA, Igboeze South LGA, Isi Uzo LGA, and others visit Obollo Afor for high buying and selling of products in large quantities especially on Afor market day. This LGA plays a vital role in livestock production and cashew North processing for commercial purposes. The World Bank market in Orba is a distributor zone and most beverage sellers in other places in Udenu come to Orba for cheaper purchase of provisions or beverages. Idoma people in Benue State know about Obollo Afor which is the easiest area to locate buses and cars going to other States in the North. Obollo Afor which is the headquarters of Udenu LGA Plays a big role in the transportation sector and it is easy to travel to major states in the North through this LGA. Those who want to bring down the cost of transportation in their movement to the North usually come to Obollo Afor to seek transport services that have cheaper costs as compared to taking it directly from Enugu capital city. It has made Udenu a home away from home for most travelers who find this LGA interesting due to the booming hospitality businesses.

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