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Ruger is a talented artiste from Nigeria but his stage name is not his real name and researchers have inquired to know deeper about his real name, where he is from, early life, career journey and achievement so far in life.

Real name

His stage name “Ruger” has overshadowed his real name but many people close to him like relatives and school mates still refer to him with his given names. Ruger’s real name is Michael Adebayo Olayinka.


Ruger was born on 23rd September 1999. He is 24 years old as at his last birthday celebration on 23rd of September 2022.

Early life

Ruger is among privileged Nigerians that enjoys been a Lagosian. He was born in Lagos State and grew up in the most popular commercial city in Nigeria and West Africa. Environment has a way of inducing positive influence and Lagos State been the place that houses most popular Nigerian artistes, it became a motivation for young Ruger while growing up as he saw the achievement of others that have carved a niche name for themselves as a motivation and boosting the validity of his dream without looking back or agreeing with naysayers. From childhood, he started working on his dream and it contributed to his huge success in the early stage of his life. In his early 20s he is already a proud Nigerian that had encountered romance with success.

State of Origin

Lagos State been the former capital of Nigeria has made many to migrate there in the past. His parent possible living in Lagos State as the time of his birth made him to be born in Lagos State.  Even though he was born in Lagos State his father is from Yagba West Local Government Area, Kogi State. From his real name Michael Adebyo Olayinka, he is from Yoruba ethnic group or cultural zone in Nigeria. Kogi State is located in the North Central region of Nigeria and Ruger been originally from Kogi State is from Yoruba side of the state. Interestingly, Lagos State is in South West and one of the Yoruba States by virtue of region classification so Ruger is a Yoruba man born in Yoruba soil.

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Ruger is the only son of his parent and he has no other blood brother except brothers that comes from relative ties.


Ruger is a musician, songwriter and belongs to the Afrobeat class of music in West Africa.


At the early stage of his life, he chose music as a favourite hobby and in his basic education stage; he was a member of the band and music unit in the school. In church, he also joined the choir and participated actively while building and arousing his passion for music. Gradually, he started composing his own songs which led him to make stage appearance in performing in shows to entertain people. His talent attracted D’Prince who took him in to take his talent far. Rumor has it that D’Prince is the one that named him Ruger to package his personal brand in stage appearances and music outings. One of his songs got about seventy million views within few days and it boosted his popularity.

Ruger signed to Jonzing World and Sony Music Entertainment United Kingdom in 2021 which was made public by D’Prince.  As a talented artiste, he released a song titled “one shirt” alongside another popular artiste Rema.

In the same year 2021, he released a single titled “Pandemic” which became a hit song alongside another song titled “Bounce” His hit songs contributed to his popularity as his music gained millions of views in youtube, streamed massively on Apple music and among others.

Social Media

Ruger has millions of followers in social media. In his verified Instagram account for his professional page, he has above two million followers drawing from fans all over the world.


He has visited many countries for shows like Oslo Norway where he received massive love from fans. He has gone for tour / shows in Copenhagen, Stockholm. In Africa, he has toured Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, and Zambia where he performed to entertain his massive fans.

He has also toured Australia as a continent where he visited many cities like Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne etc

Return to Music

Ruger took a break from music after releasing a hit song titled “Girlfriend” alongside other songs in his EP “Second Wave”.

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His return to the music industry to entertain his fans came with two popular songs “Red Flag and Asiwaju” The latter became the highest streamed and he has replayed and performs the song in his tours after releasing the music.

Brand Ambassadorship

Ruger has carved a name for himself in music industry, aside his massive followers on social media, he still has loyal fans in all streets and corners of Nigeria which attracted Tiger Beer. He signed brand ambassadorship with Tiger beer which without doubt boosted the brand image of Tiger beer especially among his fans.


Ruger has been nominated for many awards and in some of the nominations he won and lost some. Among the awards he won:

In 2021, he was nominated for AFRIMMA Award as best new comer and he won it.

In 2023, he was nominated for AFRIMMA Award and in a different category under Best Male West Africa artiste and he won the award.

In 2023, Soundcity awarded him the best new artiste following his quality performance and display of talent within few months of his popular entrance into the music industry. The award ceremony was held in Lagos State precisely at Eko convention centre.

Other Awards nomination

In 2021, AFRIMMA nominated him as the most promising African artiste, best new comer and best duo. He was also nominated for AEAUSA Awards as the best reggae dancehall act.

In the same year, The beartz awards nominated him for the song writer of the year award while Peace Legend Award nominated him for the Next generation artiste of the year.

Genres category

Ruger is a professional singer and songwriter but his performances categorize him under afro beats and dancehall artiste.

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