Oko Ugbabe Enyinna Odumegwu Ogbonna Demonstrate Uncommon Philanthropic Gesture

Ozor Enyinna Odumegwu Ogbonna is the youngest man in the history of Ugbabe Obollo to attain the title of Oko Ugbabe. The announcement of the title bestowed on him as the ever-youngest Oko Ugbabe came with wider jubilation and acceptance because of his uncommon love for his people which are all evident in his community support, enlightenment programs and putting the interest of his people first in all his socio-political engagements.

Ozor Enyinna Odumegwu Ogbonna who is now the new Oko Ugbabe of Ugbabe Kingdom is a successful businessman who has achieved uncountable success in the private sector. He is the chairman of Veil Energy Group and is notable for his leadership prowess in coordinating the business of his businesses thereby enabling him to stand tall like iroko amid his equals.

He is very fearless and speaks the truth at all times especially when speaking truth to power matters in attracting development for his people.

Chief Benard Eze who served as a former Local Government Chairman in Isi Uzo, Udenu, commissioner and former National Secretary of the People Democratic Party(PDP) held the title of Oko Ugbabe until he died in 2010. For more than a decade nobody else was bestowed the title of Oko Ugbabe and the rise of Ozor Enyinna Odumegwu Ogbonna as the new Oko Ugbabe is a testament to his laudable achievement as a young man with uncommon love for the success of his people.

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October 2023 will be remembered in the Ugbabe Kingdom as the month the youngest Oko Ugbabe emerged as a bearer of light for sporadic developments.

As a successful businessman notable as Chairman of Veil Energy Group, he is passionate about contributing highly to humanitarian duties. His newest philanthropic gesture in offering scholarships to newly admitted students in the University and also those seeking admission into the University who are from Ugbabe melted many hearts within a few days he was conferred the title of Oko Ugbabe.

People from Ugbabe who met the criteria of being newly admitted students at the University or intending to enrol into the University are notified that the scholarship screening date is 22nd December 2023 while the examination date is slated to be held on 23rd December 2023 at Udenu LGA Secretariat Hall.

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Oko Ugbabe in his philanthropic gesture will be giving out five hundred thousand naira each to all the successful candidates. Education remains one of the keys to unlocking success and contributing to the educational endeavours of his people especially those without the means has demonstrated his love for education which is an empowerment higher than any other empowerment.

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