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Godwin Emefiele is a successful banker that later became Governor of the apex bank in Nigeria. Under his watch, many policies came on board which influenced economic happenings in Nigeria and also his personal life. Some of his policies made people to take interest into delving to know more about him, where he is from, education and hidden details about him.

Full name

His full name is Godwin Ifeanyi Emefiele.


His 62nd birthday was on 4th August 2023

State of Origin

He is from Agbor, Delta State South – South Nigeria

Early life

Godwin was born on 4th August 1961 in Lagos State, Nigeria. His birth took place just close to one year after Nigeria independence. At the time, Nigeria became a sovereign country with the Federal capital Territory in Lagos which necessitated that his parents left their country home in search of greener pastures at the capital territory which later became a state after the federal capital was moved to Abuja. None of his parents gained global accomplishment like him and not many things is known about his parents but his early life was a blessed one as he grew up with endearing passion for education as the nucleus to position his career trajectory in life.


His basic education commenced in Lagos State where he was enrolled at Ansarudin primary school for the first stages of his education. After his primary school education, he was prepared to start his secondary education which he eventually started and finish it at Maryland Comprehensive Secondary school Lagos State, Nigeria.

His success in obtaining his O’level became an assurance for him that his education pursuit remains like the witty saying of “sky being the starting point”. He gained admission at University of Nigeria Nsukka where he read Banking and Finance. His successful admission at that prestigious university allowed him to leave Lagos and travelled down to Enugu to begin his journey into obtaining Bachelors degree in Banking and Finance.

Godwin showed commitment and devotion in his studies which helped him to graduate successfully in 1984 as one of the best graduating student in his set. After his graduation, he embarked on compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) which took him away for one year as required for the program completion. While doing his National Youth Service, he perfected and ear marked a plan to return back to school to pursue his Masters degree.

In 1986, he already started his Masters degree at the University of Nigeria Nsukka where he did his first degree program. He studied and carried out his research leading to award of Masters Degree in Finance before the end of the year 1986.

Godwin attended other schools for different programs during the latter days of his career. He attended Stanford University, Wharton School of Business and Harvard University where he enrolled and participated actively in Executive programs all at different years.

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He is married to Margaret Emefiele and the union is blessed with two children.


He started his career as a lecturer after obtaining his degrees which exposed him to classroom activities and steady researches to stay current on financial matters to teach his students. His lecturing job commenced in the school he attended where he had already mastered the environment. He lectured firstly in UNN where he based his teachings on Finance and Insurance. He equally lectured at the University of Port Harcourt located at the capital city of Rivers State.

His experience and educational qualifications helped him to gain a job at a fast rising Nigeria bank which has won the title of the best rated bank in certain period. Coincidentally, the bank was founded by kinsman Jim Ovia who established Zenith Bank Plc in 90s to drive improvement in banking sector of Nigeria economy. He worked in Zenith Bank for many years learning the ropes and rising gradually in the leadership cadre of the bank until he clinched the apex position for employees as the Chief Executive Officer of the bank. His success as the bank Group Managing Director/CEO did not come in a platter of gold as he served in various directorship positions in the bank while leading and bringing positive results for the bank in task ceded to him to handle.

Central Bank Governor

As a successful banker, his leadership in Zenith Bank Plc and his lecturing job on matters bordering finance and Insurance all prepared him for the future ahead which brought his recommendation to become the Governor of the central bank of Nigeria.

His was first appointed in 2014 during the government of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and he was confirmed by the senate to assume the position of the Governor of the central bank of Nigeria. His confirmation gave him the power to act on the capacity of taking over leadership position of the apex bank to conduct the affairs of what he was appointed to do in the said office. After the 2015 General election, Goodluck Jonathan was defeated in the poll by the former president M. Buhari, Godwin had done the first one year of his five years tenure (renewable) and he aligned with the president who rolled out policies of his government.

He continued working with M. Buhari throughout his first tenure as the democratic elected president of Nigeria. In 2019, President M. Buhari reappointed him again to serve another five years term as the Governor of the central Bank and wrote to the senate to confirm the appointment in line with the Nigeria 1999 constitution as amended.

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Senate confirmed his appointment which made him the longest serving Governor of the central bank of Nigeria prepared to hold the position till his suspension came after president M. Buhari completed his eight years as the president of Nigeria and left.

Godwin witnessed three different presidents during the time he served as the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria. He made history on the longevity of his service during the time he held the position.

Sadly for him, he was suspended as the Governor of the central bank of Nigeria in June 2023 few days after President Bola Ahmed Tinubu assumed power as the president of Nigeria.

During his time as CBN Governor, he announced a digital currency called e-naira and also carried out a policy banning cryptocurency trading and transactions in Nigeria in 2021. The policy came with wider criticism especially among the youths.

Presidential ambition

During the buildup of All Progressive Congress (APC) primary election ahead of officially electing a flag bearer of the party for 2023 presidential election, photos emerged bearing campaign posters and branded vehicles of him as rumoured that he was contesting for the said primary election to become the party’s flag bearer. He dismissed the claims and refuted it that he never planned to participate in APC Presidential primary election.

Naira redesign policy

In 2022, naira redesigned currency notes 200, 500 and 1000 naira denominations came on board and he secured approval of the former president of Nigeria M. Buhari to carry out the currency redesign policies. It was a harsh policy that brought naira scarcity as there was a time bound on when the old naira notes of the mentioned currency will no longer be accepted as a legal tender. Some elected governors then dragged him to court where Supreme Court delivered judgment that the old naira will continue to be accepted beyond the stipulated time bound he rolled out.

Suspension and arrest

After the new president of Nigeria Bola Ahmed Tinubu suspended him as Governor of central bank of Nigeria, he was arrested and detained by the Department of State Services (DSS) to answer questions on certain allegation brought against him while serving as Governor of the apex bank.

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