Nyesom Wike Moves to Rehabilitate 135 Roads in Abuja

The former Governor of Rivers State who is currently serving as the Minister of Federal Capital Territory Abuja was recently credited to say that he will be rehabilitating 135 roads and bridges in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

During his time as the Governor of Rivers State, he invested on infrastructures which enabled him to construct many flyovers in Rivers State. His nomination to serve as Minister under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu who is not a member of his party PDP was generally accepted and Senate confirmed his nomination after attesting to his uncommon infrastructural development in Rivers State.

On Tuesday 12th September 2023, he said that he and the FCT minister for State Mariya Mahmud flagged off the first phase of rehabilitating one hundred and thirty-five roads and bridges in Abuja.

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In the public statement made available in his official social media account, his followers and supporters who call him many beautiful names said they believe in his delivery ability.

Abuja residents and visitors were notified that there will be inconveniences in the affected places during the road rehabilitation process and encouraged to take alternative routes or bear with the new development aiming to work for their best interest in the end.

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Many also said they look forward to the development and hoping it won’t be a political statement which they equally attested that Wike delivered road projects in Rivers.

FCT Minister also said that there are funds available for the project and the project has a time bound of six months.

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