How to Make Nigeria League Attractive to Fans and Investors

Nigeria is a blessed country with enormous natural resources and boasts the biggest population in Africa.

The population of Nigeria can be utilised as a profitable means of attracting investment in sports.

Geographically, Nigeria is located in West Africa and the country has six geopolitical regions that grouped the thirty-six States and seven hundred and seventy-four Local Government Areas (LGA) in Nigeria.

Countries that have smaller population compared to Nigeria are popular when it comes to football premier leagues.

Many Nigerians are also fans of football clubs in Europe with little or no attention to existing football clubs in Nigeria.

It shows that much work is needed to enable Nigeria to attract global attention in football and other sports.

Many ways can be approached to make football clubs in Nigeria record big International and local fan base.

  1. Invest in infrastructure: The government will need to invest in building and equipping infrastructure such as providing good roads, health care facility and provide enabling environment for investment in transport sector especially in ways that railway line can connect most States so people can travel using train to watch matches in various places.
  2. Name Football Clubs to reflect global identity instead of State status quo: Some Nigerians see National Football League as a State affairs and it is difficult to see fans leaving their home state football clubs to support another football club backed by another State. When it happens, people will enjoy football matches in Nigeria and help in spreading the football performance in Nigeria.
  3. Build Modern Stadium: There is every need to build first class, modern and well-equipped stadiums in cities and states across the federation. Nigeria’s Government should look into how other countries like the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France etc got funds to build their stadium and follow the steps to ensure Nigeria has a good stadium that meets international standards.
  4. Allow Investors to own and manage Football Clubs: Most of the football clubs in Nigeria are owned or funded by State Governments. It has made notable football clubs to have a state identity which is not accurately good for a big fan base and investment. It limits the football clubs to supporters only from citizens of such States. State Government should be discouraged from owning football clubs fully. Government should invest in infrastructure and allow investors to own football clubs and manage the football clubs as business. Investors will invest in notable football clubs and make it admirable like a personal business with right structures.
  5. Security: Nigerian government will need to guarantee the safety of lives and properties. When there is proper security, people will travel freely to enjoy live sports performances. Security is important as investors also want to ensure that their investments are secured.
  6. Media: Nigeria media bodies will also need to promote the happenings in Nigeria Premier Leagues or National Leagues in ways that investors and fans will have more interest in buying into the activities of football in Nigeria.
  7. Pay Players Higher and Sign Top Players: Saudi Arabia through a football club in their country signed Cristiano Ronaldo and ever since then it has boosted the global recognition of football clubs in Saudi Arabia. Nigeria should put modalities in place and start attracting global football players to play in Nigeria and live in Nigeria during their contract. Paying existing footballers well will enable talent retention and even if such a player wants to change club it may be for another football club in Nigeria.
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