Enugu State House of Assembly Approves 170 Billion Loan

The executive arm of Enugu State Government led by the Executive Governor of the State His Excellency Dr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah had approached the Enugu State House of Assembly(ESHA) to approve the loan worth about one hundred and seventy billion naira which is targeted at improving infrastructures and funding certain projects prepared by the State Government for the people of Enugu State.

The legislative arm of the State Government is dominated by the Labour Party (LP) which has majority seats in the house of Assembly. Many assumed that the Governor of the State will record obstacle in the loan approval since his party PDP don’t control the majority seats in the State House of Assembly.

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Enugu State House of Assembly assented and approved the request of the Governor to go ahead in seeking means to raise the necessary funds to fund the developmental projects.

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