Air Peace and Other Airlines Battles for London Route Market Share

Before Chief Allen Onyema led his team in Air Peace to kick off flying to London in a ceremony that was graced by successful businessmen, celebrities and others, the price of air tickets was very expensive which made Nigerians pay highly when travelling to London, United Kingdom until Air Peace came on board.

The successful entrance of Air Peace has forced International airlines flying from Nigeria to London to bring down their prices.

Chief Allen Onyema during his media chat in Channels TV on the political section anchored by Seun disclosed that other airlines want to take Air Peace off the market by downpricing and using a reduction of price or cheap price offering to force Air Peace to exit the London route.

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Many analysts said that the price war has been ongoing ever since Air Peace did the unimaginable by taking the bull by the horns to fly to London Which big international airlines feel threatened by them losing market share in that route. A pricing strategy was deployed and Chief Allen has called on Nigerians and patriots not to allow the international airlines to force Air Peace out of the market. He confidently said that when the plan is successful and his company is no longer flying that route, Nigerians will pay higher more than what the international airlines have charged before.

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Chief Allen Onyema said that the government of the home countries of the international airlines are backing them up with big supports.

He called on the Nigerian government to support Air Peace more at this critical time while appreciating the government for numerous support during the preparation to kick off flying to London, United Kingdom.

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