UK Tightens Immigration Policy, Visa No Longer Covers Dependents

United Kingdom has made changes in the immigration policies which have affected the former way of entering the country.

Before the new policy came into the picture, people that were offered visa into United Kingdom can bring in their partner and children during their Master’s degree and PhD programs.

The nature of post graduate studies posit that partners may risk separation for a long time and going to UK alongside with the immediate family bridges the wide gap of possible separation for a long time.

Immigrants utilized that means to relocate their family during their study programs so they can all be together and never separated.

In a clearer way, if visa was granted to the husband for a masters or PhD research program, the wife and children (if they have any) will follow the man as dependent in the issued visa. The same was applied to the wife if she was the one that got the sponsorship visa.

When they are in UK, they can work as care givers to take care of the elderly and sick persons desiring special care. In the new visa policy, the dependent will need to have a visa different from the one issued to the partner.

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The complex nature of the policy portrays that even children are also affected and can’t serve as dependent any longer without a visa.

The new immigration policy or law to some extent may affect those currently in United Kingdom and not only those that are yet to secure visa to visit UK.

Interpretation of the new policy by experts are still ongoing and possibly a legal precedent may take place in the future for it or the legislature takes a clear stand on the policy for a layman to gain the clarity and abide by the new rule without stating otherwise in the new immigration policy.

In the past, many people in the world have visited and lived in UK as dependent to their wife, husband or any of the parents who secured the education sponsored visa to enter the country. The new policy is  quiet different from the existing norm.

Immigrants had also taken the opportunity to work some hours as permitted by law so they can raise money to pay for their bills such as education fees, house or apartment rents paid monthly, feeding and other basic things.

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Before the new policy came, one of the dependent which could be the wife or husband could work longer for the family needs while the other partner concentrate in his or her education. It became a way that partners demonstrate sacrifice to support each other’s career for their family growth.

The direction of the policy could be in line with the UK government policy to control the activities of population control and mitigating illegal immigrants.

Many people are surprised on the policy as it may affect even those that are living in UK as dependent of the main person that got the visa covering dependents.

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