Seven Technology Skills that Gives Above Seven Figures in Earning

The coming of technology and the fast adoption of it in the 21st century has raised many millionaires in dollars and other countries’ currencies.

Learning a technology skill and utilizing it very well can make an individual build from nothing to something, from nobody to somebody. Technology skills don’t care about country of origin, race, gender, and social class. People are hiring those with the needed technology skills based on their ability to deliver and solve a problem faster using technology-enabled skills.

In an era where going to school is important, it is no longer enough to have just certificates without the needed skills as many professional courses including medicine or health care are fast using technology to develop better health management systems for people, plants, and animals.

The Seven Technology Skills that can give you quick money:

Blogging: Blogging is a technology skill that has raised many millionaires in the world. The first step in the skill is learning how blogging works and choosing a niche-based sector one can be good in to create content. Blogging is a hobby for some people and their hobby gives them money as well without feeling the stress. If an individual is interested in fashion, he or she can use blog posts to create content about fashion. People who like fashion will be interested to read the steady content that gives value to matters concerning fashion. The same can be said in other areas that the individual can choose to focus on. It is also good to choose a niche sector so that the writer won’t run out of content. It is rare to run out of content in a niche that the blogger has the upper hand in due to knowledge, exposure, and attention to detail. A financial expert can keep his daytime job but can take advantage of financial expertise to talk about his experiences for people to learn about wealth creation, money management, investment, and financial management. When there is enough content, the blogger can apply for AdSense approval from Google to earn directly from Google which will display certain adverts of people that paid to run Google ads. If the interested or intending blogger doesn’t have time to manage a blog directly, he or she can volunteer to write articles for top media firms that will take advantage of the person’s professional exposure to feed their visitors or audience through rich content from expert backgrounds.

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Machine Learning/Robotics: There is a saying that machines or robots will replace the jobs of many people. The saying is not true and is not a lie either. Why? Technology came to make things easy and efficient at the workplace and never targeted to remove individuals from their jobs. During job layoffs when there are economic problems, workers in technology firms get hit the most especially those workers that certain technology tools have been put in place to work faster than their physical presence. Every machine was invented by human beings so there are those trained to handle machines. The machine’s function is based on what it was programmed to execute. Those who have learned how to control machines and feed them with necessary information have acquired a skill known as machine learning. They control the machines and ensure that the machines perform tasks without crashing. Robots have been developed to perform certain tasks that people do but individuals with skills in robotics programs develop such robots to perform the necessary tasks needed.

Website development: Most of the big and small companies in the world are all-embracing technology by creating a website that details their products or services. Some companies use their website to automate the selling of goods and services directly in their website. It gave rise to the embrace of e-commerce businesses and online businesses. Every website is developed by a website developer who uses coding skills in Python, HTML, or Word process to create a website. A skill in website development can make an individual earn enough money and pursue other skills. People with these skills can work remotely for many companies or become self-employed where organizations consult him or her when they need website development services.

Mobile App Development: Some businesses that have websites do not stop at having websites alone. They included having a mobile app for their business including government bodies and agencies. Learning how to develop a mobile app that solves problems for people is a powerful skill. Mobile Apps are developed and listed for download in the Google Play store for Android phone users and iOS for iPhone users.

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UI/UX/Graphics design: The beauty of every website and mobile app comes from the UI/UX designs executed by the person skilled in UI/UX. The mobile app developer carries out app development after seeing the designs from the UI/UX expert. The designs show the user interfaces and how users find it easy to navigate in the app for satisfaction. Those who started careers as graphics designers have gone ahead to acquire skills in UI/UX to help developers in product development.

Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is a skill needed for those who are positioning to use online mediums to promote the marketing of their products and services. Learning digital marketing entails mastering Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content creation especially storytelling, writing a sales copy, and effective knowledge of running ads that convert. Billions of people in the world use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, X formerly Twitter, TikTok, and others making the platforms a good place to market products and services. Digital Marketers use their skills to achieve reaching the target audience for product sales and campaigns. The Digital Marketing skill can be used for personal business as a self-employed while those with the skill can use it to help individuals and businesses reach out to more target audiences in ways results are achieved better for greater yield and positive impacts.

Data Analysis: All information is gathered as data and analyzed to give a piece of reliable information that can be used or discarded. Organizations and individuals need data in research and development. The ability to analyze these data makes it a skill that can help people to increase their career uplift and growth.

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