Phyno Biography, Age, Net worth, State, Awards, Real Name

Phyno is a popular celebrity who has used his talents and God given gift to contribute hugely in global entertainment industry. His journey of rag to riches has made many to inquire into knowing about him like where he is from, name, place of birth, marital status and lots more.

Full name

Phyno is just his stage name or the adopted name people know him in entertainment industry but close friends, acquaintances and some family members still refer to him using one of his real names different from his stage or performance name. His full name is Chibuzo Nelson Azubuike.


He is 36 years old as at 9th October 2022.


He is singer, rapper, songwriter, actor and music producer


On the 28th of August 2023, he announced that he is officially a father with a picture of him carrying his child which he said he took some time off to be a father.

State of Origin

He is from Anambra State

Early Life/Background

Phyno was born on 9th October 1986 in Enugu State where he was raised as a child and grew up in Enugu capital city which many calls coal city or 042. He was not born with a silver spoon and his background or immediate environment motivated him into seeking to make positive changes in his family life as he became disciplined from childhood.

He upholds good morals which guided him to become respectful, obedient and goal oriented. He knew where he came from and for him to lift his family name; he embraced his talent as a means he can use to show to the world what he can do in line with entertaining people.


His basic education was in Enugu where he lived for many years before relocating to Lagos at the latter days of his music career. After his secondary school education in Enugu, he proceeds to Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) located in the same Enugu where he was born into and raised.

As someone that is already familiar with his terrain or environment, he combined his education with entertainment as a side hustle to show the world what is built inside him. He studied Public Administration in IMT and started his music career while in the school.

Music Career

Phyno is like other talented artists that discovered their talents right from childhood and does similar things connected to their talents. As a young child, he was always playing drums and musical instrument for entertainment purposes. His talents started gaining attractions from his peers in school who also helped in marketing him as a brand and many started knowing about him in many streets across Enugu.

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He specialized in rapping in Igbo which made him to be someone that is very proud of his culture as he combined his rapping in Igbo and Pidgin English for wider admirations. The beauty side of his rap is the way he depicts what was happening in the neighborhood as relating it to his experience while growing up. He understood what people see every day while trying to earn a decent income or earn a living and he used it all in creating his songs which were rapped and delivered in a better classic ways.

He is also a rapper that knows the significance of making money and enjoying your money and he always depicts the need to work hard and enjoy yourself in proper relaxation. He is also wise and adopted as a man of wisdom who uses some of his songs to show his wisdom which can come through motivation and way of trying to inform people how to do things better while pushing for a better tomorrow.

He is among the artists that placed Enugu far in the history of modern music as he had combined efforts with other artists with common goals of doing things differently starting from where they were standing.

He has released many songs which made him popular just as his Fada Fada song. He has also collaborated with many notable artists like Olamide, Flavour and hosts others and achieved a huge success.

At the peak of his career, he travelled to South West where he based in Lagos state after leaving Enugu and increased the momentum of his music career which he always made reference to penthauze.

He became a popular singer and rapper after releasing many songs and collaboration songs. His song Connect was a hit and many fashion industry adopted the name to market many t-shirts following the wave of the connect song by Phyno.


Phyno had been nominated for several awards and he had won many of the awards too. He has been nominated for several awards like the Headies where he got three out of the nominations. He has also won City People Entertainment Awards and several others.

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Nollywood actor

Phyno is also an actor as he featured in a popular movie with Enugu and Kano setting which featured Peter Edochie, Genevieve Nnaji, Nkem Owoh, Kanayo O. Kanayo and others in a movie titled “Lions Heart” In the movie he played a role of the son of a transport billionaire and had a sister who was interested in their fathers transportation business unlike him who was only interested in his music career. He played a role that depicted that business succession planning process should tally with who is interested and capable of handling a business and not placing emphasis on first son basis or gender perspective.

Some selected songs

After releasing his Album “No Guts No Glory” there was selected singles credited to him which all became hit songs.

Examples of his top ranking singles are Ghost Mode, Obago or Man of the Year, Parcel, O Set and others.


Phyno is a notable artist that believes in investment. He invested hugely into his music career and spread into the production arm but went further into diversification in profitable investments that are not related to music industry. He has huge investment in real estate as he was once sighted in an estate in Lagos where he returned into Nigeria to visit some of his properties in Lagos Nigeria. In the said video he was accompanied by a billionaire real estate developer Ned Okonkwo who took him on the estate tour.

New song

On 28th of August 2023, he made it public that he took sometime off to become a father and to work on his new song which he promised to release on 31st August 2023.

Social Media

He has verified social media accounts like instagram where he has more than eight million followers. He uses his social media to keep his fans updated on his music career and personal life like when he used his social media instagram page to reveal that he is now a father and also placed his fans on suspense mode as anticipation of a new song became expectancy.

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