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Real name

Phyna Big Brother Naija Season seven winner’s real name is Ijeoma Joesphine Otabor. As a celebrity, many people don’t know her first name, middle name or her last name as her stage name exhibited on professional outings has dominated and over shadowed her real name even though those close to her like family members, classmates and childhood friends still identified her with one of her real names.

It is also common that when one attain fame and has a popular name, family members, friends and former colleagues also try to adjust into identifying and calling the person the popular name in the mouth of others for easy explanation and identification.


Phyna was born on the 2nd June 1997. She celebrated her last birthday on the 2nd of June 2023 after turning 26 years old. In her one year above silver jubilee, she has done well for herself in climbing ladder of success in entertainment industry. People that hear about her true age always feel surprise as she has charismatic maturity.


She is a Nigerian actress, model, entertainer and hype woman. As a notable hype woman with the source and packages, she also earned herself the name hype priestess of Nigeria.

Parent names

 Josephine Otabor known as Phyna was born into the notable family of Otabor’s. Her father’s name is Moses Otabor while her mother’s name is Gladys Moses Otabor.

State of origin and tribe

Her native name Ijeoma had made many people to check if Phyna came from any States in South East region of Nigeria like Enugu, Anambra, Imo, Abia and Ebonyi State. Others also searched if she is from Igbo speaking tribes in Delta and Rivers State. However, it is clear to state that one’s tribe or state of origin can’t only be identified with type of name the person answers and only proven information like the one gotten through this article can easily point to the actual state of origin or tribe.

Phyna is from Esan tribe in Edo State, South-South geopolitical region of Nigeria though she was born in Lagos which makes her a proud Lagosian.


Even though Phyna was born in Lagos State, she also lived in Edo State in her younger years where she started her education journey. She had her primary and high school education in Edo State respectively. In her zeal and passion for education, she went further to enroll at Auchi Polytechnic Edo State where she majored in engineering courses.

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Career Journey

Phyna started acting and playing some role in drama carried out in her High School drama clubs. She has always identified entertainment sector as her type of niche hobby and passion. She went further to start her biggest career as a professional model leveraging on her beauty and perfect structure which made her outstanding as a model. Her Modeling started as far back as when she was still in the college.

Her passion and zeal paid out as a modeling Agency got interested in her and signed her to model in their firm. It is a career uplift that exposed her more in entertainment industry as she was privileged to learn on the job and gained practical experience to prepare ahead of the face of woman she wished to build and become.  

Every famous person started somewhere and Phyna is one of those people that are proud of their early beginning. Her success did not come over night, she had built a credible profile for herself over the years and she also value building good human relationship which opened door for her in multiple ways.

She is a successful model that rose from small gigs to bigger ones in the long run. Her activeness in entertainment industry has made her to carve a niche for herself in content creation, playing good roles that make her unique among fans, competitors and well wishers.

She also entertains people with comedy contents which positioned her to be a comedian too. It is safe to call her a comedian.

Phyna is also an influencer and uses her platform to help people to gain products and services visibilities leveraging on her engaging fans.

She is a business woman and runs a big fashion business in Nigeria.

She has many streams of incomes and hype is one of them. She identifies herself as the Hype Priestess of Nigeria.

Social Media

She is highly followed on instagram and has more than one million followers on her verified instagram page account where she carries her fans along in her daily and major activities that are not personal.

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Countries visited

Phyna has visited South Africa and spent time in some major cities in South Africa.

In Asia, Phyna has also visited Qatar and have many photos of her and others like Chizzy during her trip to the oil rich country in the Middle East.

Big Brother Naija Season 7 participation and victory

Becoming a house mate in big brother naija is not an easy task due to many numbers of people willing to participate. It is a dream Phyna worked for, nursed the ambition and hoped for a dream come through and finally it became a reality when she joined the reality Tv show as the 10th housemate that joined on the 23rd day of July 2022. During the show, it was also a hit up ahead of the general election in Nigeria but her fans kept fate and rooted for her in the show with massive supports.

She did not just enter Big brother naija show for the sake of becoming a house mate, she came to win and go home with the crown. It became another dream come through for her as she won the big brother naija season seven with about 40.74% points to beat her closest rival Bryann who got cumulative of 26.74% points in the total votes. Her fans gave her the surprise and made sure she won the in the competition and emerge as the winner on the 2nd day of October 2022.

History has recorded Ijeoma Josephine Otabor popularly known as Phyna the second female to win in the reality Tv show after Mercy Eke who some of her fans call Lambo.

At the age of twenty five, Phyna won Big Brother Naija show and got one hundred million naira grand prize.

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