Notable Cyber Security Expert and Businessman Moves to Replace Bigbrother Naija with BigBrain Naija

Charles Awuzie is a Nigerian living and doing business in South Africa. He is a pastor from Abia State, South East Nigeria. Many know him for his evolved teachings on building sustainable wealth, zero tolerance to superstition and his vocal support for wealth through enterprise.

He is a cyber security expert and also founded many technology companies.

In his deep thinking and brainstorming with members of his mastermind group, he recently came up with the concept of doing a TV show that will reward talent, innovation, problem-solving skills as against the entertainment focus of Big Brother Naija reality TV show including Bigbrother All stars.

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The dream of pushing to start Big Brain Naija came during the disappointment of how certain celebrities who participated in a popular TV show could not answer simple questions they were asked on Q and A.

In a powerful move, his team met Senator Osita Izunaso to lead the committee of making the Big Brain Naija a huge success. After the success of the meeting led by his team, he disclosed that Sen. Osita Izunaso has demonstrated leadership over the years as he served as minister of labour and employment, member of the House of Representatives all at a young age and later climbing the ladder of his political career to become a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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Charles Awuzie disclosed further that the project will be politically structured and financially backed up to deliver on the mission and disruptive agenda of Big Brain Naija.

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