Mali, Niger & Burkina Faso Exit ECOWAS

In trending news, three countries namely Mali, Niger Republic and Burkina Faso have reportedly exited Economic Community of West African States ( ECOWAS)

Recall that the three named countries are under the leadership of a military system of government after a coup led to the military seizing power in the countries citing corruption at the hands of elected civilians.

ECOWAS said the sub-regional bloc is yet to receive a formal letter of exit from the three countries that exited the regional organization in a joint statement.

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The news concerning the exit of Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso from ECOWAS came with lots of public outcry from the side of people from West Africa who understands the advantages of the sub-regional bloc.

Africans from any country located in West Africa that is equally a member of ECOWAS don’t need a Visa to visit or live in any member States of ECOWAS. There is an easy movement of people and goods due to the unity of the ECOWAS member states.

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The exit of the three-member States came as a shock as it may hamper the progress of economic and political advancement of the member countries.

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