Iran President Ebrahim Raisi and Others Dies in Helicopter Crash

The president of Iran Ebrahim Raisi was involved in a helicopter crash that claimed his life and that of others inside the helicopter.

The weather of the place he was travelling to was reportedly bad and it was difficult to get a signal from the helicopter conveying Iran President Ebrahim Raisi who was confirmed dead due to the unimaginable helicopter crash.

Raisi is the President of Iran but not the Supreme leader of the country. His office is more of ceremonial duties where he handles domestic affairs.

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Others who died alongside Iran President Ebrahim Raisi include:

Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian

Governor of Eastern Azerbaijan province Malek Rahmati

Tabriz’s Imam Mohammad Ali Alehashem

The Pilot

The Copilot

Crew Chief

Head of Security


Following Iran constitution the first Vice President Mohammad Mokhber is next line for succession as temporary president till the election is conducted in the next fifty (50) days to elect a new President.

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