Inspiring Story of Ajibola Jinadu, from Lower Grade to Securing Job in Deloitte

Ajibola Jinadu is a top voice in the social media space who uses his platform to teach basic accounting principles and share ideas to skyrocket the career uplift of accounting professionals.

According to Ajibola, he is on a mission to raise one million Chief Financial Officers ( CFOs) and FBPs in Africa and beyond.

His wealth of experience and fame in corporate accounting makes many to assume that he had a soft ride during the early stages of his career.

His story is one that aligns with a true leader who never allowed his grade points in education or starting point to make him settle for less. Instead of complaining he found a way around his challenges with a focus on attaining excellence in his career.

He recently made a social media post where he revealed that he finished HND with a Lower credit which is below Upper Credit and Distinction respectively.

In reality, he knew that his grade points were not enough knowing the competition ahead of him in the labour market where he would likely compete for limited job spaces with those that have higher grades or educational qualifications.

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Accepting his grade as what he possibly deserved instead of being hard on himself, he embraced determination to fuel his move to be successful in life instead of allowing his grade points to stop him.

He developed a strategy as a good plan to mitigate perceived obstacles in ways that success became attainable in the end.

Ajibola first move was to use his OND certificate to get exemptions that enabled him to earn ICAN qualification in his early 20s.

Yes, he secured ICAN qualification at 21 making him a young man with a big picture in mind.

He said he leveraged his HND for ACCA exemptions. The rejected stone became a cornerstone as with the HND certificate which he thought the grade was not enough became leverage for him to gain ACCA exemptions.

The qualifications he gathered enabled him to take his academic journey higher and he was able to secure a Bachelor of Science Degree from Oxford Brookes University.

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Having gathered those qualifications as a self-development or investment in himself instead of settling for only HND lower credit certificate in the bag, he achieved his career dream and landed a job at Deloitte known as one of the biggest accounting companies in the world.

Ajibola Jinadu shared his story to inspire people into understanding that their starting point in life doesn’t define the endpoint.

From the inspiring story of his life, it became obvious that success is not a bed of roses and stumbling blocks or obstacles may arise as setbacks but the true test is efforts, plans and strategy that enable rising above the setbacks.

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