Erigga Gives Shocking Reasons Why People Are Poor

Erhiga Agarivbie is a famous Nigerian rapper and singer popularly known with his stage name “Erigga “

On Saturday 14th October 2023, he made a post on his social media X account where he mentioned reasons why people are poor or witness poverty. He said that certain people feel they are under a generational curse without knowing that they are not practicing good habits that the rich exhibit

He mentioned what the rich do that poor people do not do which according to him are the reasons why people are poor.

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According to Erigga the rich read, invest, practice delayed gratification and many others while the poor don’t follow that route.

He said ”

Rich people invest. You don’t invest.

Rich people read. You don’t read.

Rich people delay gratification. You don’t delay gratification.

But, when they spend, you want to spend too. When they flex, you want to flex too. When they party, you want to party too. And that is why you are poor. It has nothing to do with generational curses and everything to do with generational bad habits”.

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