Dangote Says He Needs VISA to Travel to 35 Countries in Africa, Europeans Enjoy Better Privilege

The wealthiest man in Nigeria and Africa Alhaji Aliko Dangote who is the Executive Chairman of Dangote Group has described how Africans are not free to travel in the entire African countries without a visa.

Dangote in a chat during the Africa CEO Forum held in Kigali, Rwanda disclosed that he needs thirty-five visas before he can visit some countries in Africa, unlike Europeans who don’t need visas to tour the entire African countries.

Surprisingly, Africans don’t have the privilege to visit every part of their continent without a visa in some countries. The discussion of the African wealthiest man has generated lots of debates online and became an eye-opener to some Africans who never knew they were not free to visit all countries in their continent without a visa as applicable in some places.

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Africans in the West Africa region, don’t need visas to travel to countries in West Africa that are members of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the same could be obtainable for other Africans in other regions but need visas to visit certain countries outside their region.

Dangote has made a salient move through the discussion in the Africa CEO Forum to draw the attention of the policymakers and leaders of all African countries to consider making a policy that will make Africans travel freely in their continents citing that those who are not even from Africa enjoy better privileges in Africa more than Africans.

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