Investors in Jubilation as Bitcoin Rises Above $68000

The market performance of bitcoin on Monday 20th May 2024 showed that the digital currency has risen to another all-time high of closer to seventy thousand dollars. The current market price of Bitcoin known as BTC is above sixty-eight thousand dollars as seen in centralized and decentralized wallets of various exchanges.

The market performance is blue unlike when the market performance was recording red but the current market price is still below the best performance of the coin.

Bitcoin market performance added +2.07% while another popular coin known as Ethereum (ETH) added +2.3% to hit above three thousand dollars.

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Investors who bought the coins when the market was down are rejoicing as they witnessed an increase in their digital asset depending on the rate of asset purchase or when the investor(s) bought the coin(s)

Those who bought when BTC was above seventy thousand dollars are yet to recover their initial investment but the current market performance gives them confidence and hope that the market may perform better for them to recover their investment and possibly make a profit too.

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In Nigeria, one bitcoin (1BTC) as of 20th May 2024 is alleged to be worth around N104,418,707.40.

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