APIsentry Positions to Lead Robust Change in Cyber Security

The year 2024 is here, a closer observation revealed that 2023 ended with different individual perceptions of achievement and business outcomes.

In 2023, many businesses ended the year with a range of experiences, including setbacks, losses, gains, and even cyber-attacks.

Replicating the same strategies or tactics applied in the previous year might either make 2024 fantastic or lead to some degree of failure and disappointment.

Cyber attacks contributed to analyzing business inputs and outputs in the previous year. Some companies or businesses that made hare while the sunshine sought the professional services of APIsentry by Wired Assurance which deployed uncommon security software to shield their clients from cyber-attacks.

September 5th 2023 marked the launching of realapisentry.com by wiredassurance.com, the company management in a public statement expressed their happiness to have enjoyed the last quarter of 2023 with the way they handled their client’s cyber security with optimum satisfaction.

The company in a further statement appreciated the key stakeholders, partners and esteemed clients for their participation so far in their journey to ensure that businesses are shielded from cyber attacks.

The company recognized Africa to be a big continent with an unequal distribution of resources among its nations and a lot of socioeconomic problems but said that because of continuous changes, the continent has become a rapidly expanding digital superpower in recent years.

Businesses are rapidly implementing digitalization through the construction of infrastructure and the provision of services. Technology has brought many positive changes in the world which enables ease of doing things but the advent of new technology is also creating new opportunities for cybercriminals, APIsentry by Wired Assurance has positioned to help businesses combat cyber security attacks.

The company said that Organizations are facing increasing issues in protecting their APIs from cyber actors, which might lead to illegal access and data breaches, as the use of APIs grows. Thus, every company and developer has a primary obligation to ensure API security.

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According to 81% of cyber security executives, API security should come first due to the quick adoption of APIs, regrettably, only 90% of African businesses lack cyber security protocols, leaving them open to cyber attacks. This vulnerability can cost the affected countries 10% of their GDP.

18% of all attacks target firms in the financial sector, which is the industry that draws the greatest number of thieves. This is because criminals are primarily motivated by money, which, when combined with the comparatively low degree of protection of these businesses, makes them appealing targets.

APIsentry by Wired Assurance as a firm has maintained a dedication to resolving cyber attack issues in 2024 and beyond to lower the number of companies that risk losing $100 billion to cyber criminals by 2025.

The firm expertise in Cyber Security made it a notable Shield deployed to help businesses mitigate cyber attacks.

The company in a further statement said that in 2024, APIsentry remains committed to being the frontline defender for businesses against cyber threats.

The company boasts of professional ethics With a robust security architecture and a team of experts dedicated to staying ahead of emerging risks their platform ensures that your APIs are safeguarded from unauthorized access, data breaches, and malicious attacks. It noted that API security is not just a feature; it’s a necessity.

In checking the services and cyber security tools deployed by the firm, there are many advantages of choosing APIsentry as a cyber security tool which draws attention to the uniqueness of the company’s product:

As highlighted by cyber security executives, APIsentry places API security at the forefront. In an era where cybercriminals exploit every vulnerability, relying on APIsentry is not just a choice; it’s a strategic imperative.

The firm through its platform empowers organizations to fortify their digital infrastructure, instilling confidence in stakeholders and customers alike.

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The firm said equally that by adopting APIsentry, businesses can align with the proactive cyber security strategies that the modern landscape demands.

With the increasing number of attacks targeting the financial sector and other critical industries, the importance of a robust API security solution cannot be overstated as APIsentry not only addresses the immediate threats but also contributes to the long-term resilience of businesses against cyber threats.

As businesses navigate the complex cyber security landscape, APIsentry stands as a steadfast ally, dedicated to ensuring that your APIs are not just secure but fortified against the ever-evolving tactics of cyber adversaries.

Mr Emmanuel Ezehiwele MBA, CRM who is a co-founder of the company said that the company will be expanding its market presence to other countries in Africa and Europe in 2024. He said the company is aiming to raise pre-seed funding of $150,000 by Q1 of the new year to accelerate growth. The firm will equally invest in Research and Development (R &D) to unveil exciting features in the mission to combat cyber security threats through APIsentry.

Emmanuel noted further that in 2024, the company is targeting to surpass $100,000 as Annual Recurring Revenue(ARR), especially with the planned modalities to attract new talents to build a stronger team in the company.

The company calls for robust partnership in a joint effort to make 2024 a year of strengthened digital defences and fortified resilience against cyber threats through the shield of APIsentry.

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