Anthony Joshua Beats Francis Ngannou in a Surprised Knock

Nigerian- British-born heavy weight champion on Friday 8th March 2024 won a boxing match after beating Francis Ngannou.

The success of Joshua in boxing matches has revealed that people should not be underrated or judged due to their past performance as many never freely imagined that Anthony Joshua would beat Francis Ngannou in the second round of the boxing match.

It was an interesting match as both participants are black men of African descent but have fans or supporters all over the world rooting for both sides.

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Canadian rapper Drake reportedly took interest in the match and bet six hundred and fifteen thousand United States Dollars in the boxing match. He predicted that Francis Ngannou would beat Anthony Joshua but the latter dashed his hope by beating the former.

Joshua’s victory in the boxing match has made him fifty million dollars richer as his monetary gift for a successful outing in the match.

Many were also surprised by the means and manner which Joshua defeated Ngannou within a few minutes of the match by giving him a heavy blow.

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The victory of Anthony Joshua came faster than many imagined as he targeted the right body part of his opponent to defeat him before viewers could mention the first letter of the Alphabet.

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