Anambra State Governor Charles Soludo Disgraces His Commissioner

The Governor of Anambra State Professor Charles Soludo lately disgraced his appointed commissioner of works following the wrong approach to the road construction work at Obodoukwu Road Okpoko in Ogbaru Local Government Area.

During the road construction inspection, the Governor asked the commissioner where the walkway was located, and the commissioner couldn’t show an existing walkway. There was a long fence built along the work way and the Governor gave order for the fence to be pulled down with immediate effect.

Anambra Governor His Excellency Charles Soludo was not impressed with what he saw and without minding the camera covering the outdoor function, he lashed the commissioner of work on how he neglected his duty and allowed such a bad construction process without a walkway.

The commissioner in a defence to prove that he wasn’t incompetent tried to tell the Governor that there was an officer who signed the paper or approved what happened and the Governor in a sharp reply told the commissioner to show him the person who approved such and he will sack the person with immediate effect.

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The commissioner is the head of his ministry and ought to take responsibility of what happens in his ministry since the Governor talks to the commissioner directly. During the State Executive meeting, the commissioner sits with the Governor and gives an account of what is happening in the ministry. It may not be entirely right that the commissioner was trying to apportion blame to another officer when he knew that the Governor had given him the power to work assiduously and show positive results.

Many who watched the video clipped applauded the Governor for his action and pragmatism while others said that the Governor took the matter too far. Some thought that the Governor ought to have discussed the error with the Commissioner without a public capture.

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Supporters of the former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and the incumbent Governor of Anambra State were impressed by how the Governor did not waste time in pointing out the errors and holding the commissioner accountable for quality road construction.

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