United States Sends Support to Ukraine,Israel & Taiwan

The 46th Executive President of the United States of America (USA) HE Joe Biden announced approving military package support to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan to enable the countries to defend their sovereignty and territory.

The House of Representatives voted for such military aid or support to the named countries facing challenges from external attackers encroaching on the independence and sovereignty of the countries to which Biden assented to the bill.

US President, Mr Joe Biden said that the United States is at peace and the approved support will bring peace too in the world.

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Recall that Russia and Ukraine have been fighting a war for many months now which has rendered many people in Ukraine homeless and losing their means of survival (jobs).

Israel on the other hand was attacked by terrorist groups and threats from other allies of their enemies which has brought ongoing war in some parts of the Middle East.

United States, Canada, France, UK and other Nations in the world have all condemned the attacks launched against the mentioned countries on several occasions in line with pushing for peace in the world where countries respect the territorial sovereignty of others.

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