United Nigeria Airline Discloses Why Flight scheduled to Abuja Landed in Asaba

People who booked United Nigeria Airline for a flight from Lagos State to Abuja got confused when the plane landed at Asaba International Airport instead of Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja.

According to the press statement made public by United Nigeria Airline, the company reported that there was a gap in communication as the cabin crew did not communicate effectively to the passengers on the reason for the different destination landing.

The company said there was a weather issue and the pilot was briefed on the circumstances which led to the temporary landing in Asaba International Airport while the weather issue was been sorted out.

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From the press statement of the airline, it is evident that the flight redirection to Asaba was to save passengers and the airline from danger.

The way the cabin crew delivered the message to the passengers on board the plane caused panic, the company in the press statement noted that the pilot was briefed properly and the landing in Asaba was not a mistake but rather a precautionary measure citing weather issues.

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