Police Bail is Free:Things to Do When Told to Pay

The Public Relations Officer ( PRO) of Nigeria Police Force ( NPF) at the force headquarters Abuja has issued warning to educate the general public that bail is free.

According to Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi,

“Police administrative bail is free. If anyone demands bail money, you too demand an invoice or receipt to prove payment. If he can’t issue it, dont pay. That is a fraud. I have said this severally”

When he was asked if he has collected bail money before by X social media user identified as @WembleyDream he said:

” I have never collected bail money before. I started my career in sagamu in 2006, and you can go there to find out. I was not ready for nonsense. Those who are elders and grown-up ones in sagamu would testify to that. Sagamu was peaceful in my time as the operations officer. …. Muyiwa…..in sagamu, lol,. A year, 8 months, I moved to admin work, and later PR line in 2008, and I have been in PR line up till now”

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Speaking further, he differentiated between administrative bail and court bail. According to him:

“We have court bail, which comes with some monetary conditions, and we have administrative bail given by the police or any law enforcement agencies. So, one by court and one by Police”

On the issue of POS purportedly sighted at certain police stations, he said :

Don’t blame policemen for POS operations in their stations. It’s a conspiracy. POS operators encourage corrupt policemen to be more corrupt and wicked. There was a time we asked POS operators to stay away from our stations, but some groups attacked the police to allow them work. That its their means of livelihood. We need to break the conspiracy of silence. We need to look into the activities of POS operators around and within police stations. They are not helping us. Their actions stimulate corruption amongst some policemen. Are they not Nigerians like you? Yet they work against their fellow Nigerians bc of money.

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