List of Businesses Requiring SCUML to Open Corporate Bank Account in Nigeria

Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering (SCUML) is a division or unit within EFCC which is an agency saddled with the responsibility of fighting financial corruptions, financial crimes and violators of financial laws guiding public sectors, private sectors and individuals.

Registration of an enterprise, company and NGO with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is not enough to open and operate a corporate account in Nigeria for some named sectors or industries.

Business owners and founders of Non Governmental Organizations or Not for Profit Organizations (NGOs) that operates in the sectors that requires SCUML Certificate bearing SCUML registration number needs it to operate a corporate account effectively and efficiently for day to day transactions involving money.

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Sectors that require SCUML number to open functional corporate bank account:

 Non Governmental Organizations or Non- profit Organizations (NGOs)

Mechanized farming dealing with heavy farming equipment

Lottery business

Construction companies

Car dealers/Auto dealers

Consultants and Consulting Companies

Hospitality busineses

Mortgage Brokers

Trust Companies

Estate Surveyors




Clearing and Forwarding Companies

Tax Consultants/ Audit firms

Jewelry dealers

Luxury goods dealers

Law firms and legal practitioners offering legal services

Dealers in precious stones, mining and Mineral resources

When a company lists any of the named sectors in the business objectives while incorporating the business with CAC, bank may request for SCUML registration number to complete the whole processes of the corporate bank account opening.

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To obtain the SCUML number, simply visit the approved SCUML website to do the registration and choose any of the state or regional branch of EFCC for the collections of the SCUML Certificate. Requirements are made clear in the website during registration which includes CAC documents, BVN, bank account number, Directors details and others.

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