Labour Party Condemns N160M Car Gift To Lawmakers

Labour Party (LP) is one of the political parties in Nigeria and produced a sitting Governor in Abia State, Senators, House of Representatives and House of Assembly members during the 2023 General Election in Nigeria.

The party has made its position clear on the alleged car gift worth one hundred and sixty million naira each for the three hundred and sixty House of Representatives members at the National Assembly.

Labour Party condemns N160M Car Gift to Lawmakers as made public in official X social media account belonging to the party.

Supporters of the party during the 2023 General Election in Nigeria welcomed the statement from the party as a laudable development and urged the party to represent the masses in ways that show positive differences from other political parties in Nigeria.

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Labour Party(LP) for the first time in Nigeria became the party with the majority representative in some States like Enugu State where Labour Party candidates won seven House of Representatives seats out of eight seats in the green chamber of the National Assembly. The party also went further to win the majority seats in Enugu State House of Assembly.

In Abuja the party won the only senatorial district seat of Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

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The former minority leader in the green Chamber and a member of People’s Democratic Party ( PDP) Hon. Ndidi Elumelu also lost his seat to the candidate of the Labour Party during the National Assembly election held on 25th February 2023.

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